Sony Rolls Out WE5 Green Bravia Screens

Sony Rolls Out WE5 Green Bravia ScreensSony has added a new eco-friendly BRAVIA line-up, headed by the innovative WE5 series, a trendy and stylish designed LCD TV that stands apart from others.

As compared to its predecessor, the new stylish LCD TV consumes over 50% less power.

One of the most energy-efficient HDTV, the new BRAVIA WE5 series LCD TV’s are available in two screen sizes (40-inch, 46-inch).

The BRAVIA WE5 comes with a new micro-tubular Hot Cathode Fluorescent Lamp (HCFL) backlight that boosts efficiency without compromising superb BRAVIA picture quality.

The WE5 contains an intelligent Presence Sensor, which can detect the body heat and movement of anyone sitting within normal range of the screen.

So when you leave the room -- to answer the door or during a commercial break -- the sensor activates an energy-saving 'picture off' mode, while leaving TV sound on.

Moreover, the picture turns back on as soon as you re-enters the room.

If, however, it does not detect any movement in the room, then it automatically switches to standby after half an hour.

Furthermore, the new BRAVIA comes up with a new Energy Saving Switch that helps in cutting down the electricity bills.

Other televisions draw a small amount of power when they're in standby or even when switched off. Flipping a conveniently-placed switch on the WE5 turns the set off completely. Switch back on again and the TV returns immediately to its previous state. It's a smarter, more convenient alternative to manually unplugging the TV when it's not in use.

Powered by Sony’s new Bravia Engine 3, the TV provides filtered and optimized pictures that have reduced picture noise.

The WE5 series offers an effortless picture quality with your favourite movies, TV broadcasts and games.

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