Sony Rolls Out “Hanuman: Boy Warrior” For PlayStation 2

Sony Rolls Out “Hanuman: Boy Warrior” For PlayStation 2London-based Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE), on Wednesday, made announcement about the launching of “Hanuman-Boy Warrior” for the PlayStation 2.

The game Hanuman-Boy Warrior was developed by Hyderabad-Aurona Technologies Limited (acquired by Pyramid Samira).

It takes a period of about 9 months to complete.

Mr. Atindriya Bose, Sony Computer Entertainment, PlayStation -Country Manager, said, “We have launched the first Indian game on PS2 with localised content completely developed by an Indian game development house.”

“Hanuman is our very own classic hero and is ever popular across India and with Indians abroad. The launch of the game has marked a very significant milestone in the Indian game development industry,” Mr. Bose added.

Moreover, it is Sony's first game based on Indian mythology, and one that is playable in Hindi language.

‘Hanuman-Boy Warrior’ is the journey of Hanuman across two stages of his life including childhood and young adulthood.

Hanuman faces various problems and enemies on the way and uses his great powers to defeat them.

Headquartered in London, Aurona Technologies Limited is a leading developer of video games and entertainment services.

The company makes interactive entertainment products and content for game publishers, Hollywood studios, media companies and corporate enterprises.

The newly launched game ‘Hanuman: Boy Warrior’ is available at a price of Rs 499 in the Indian market.

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