Sony Rereleases PS3 firmware update patch

Sony Rereleases PS3 firmware update patchGood news for the PlayStation fans. PS3 owners will now be able to download the much awaited PS3 firmware update patch version 2.41.

Earlier this week, the PS3 users were disappointed with the release of version 2.40, because it rendered a select few consoles, making it completely useless.

"The new 2.41 update will be available for download, which comprises of some ample upgrades to the next-gen consoles, including the new Trophy system and in-game Cross-Media Bar functionality," said Eric Lempel, PlayStation Network Director.

He also apologised to the PlayStation users for the inconvenience they faced last week.

PS3 users are being advised to get in touch with Sony Customer care, in case they are facing problem with their console as a result of the upgrade.

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