Sony Launches PSP Video on Demand in the UK

Sony PSPSony has launched Video-on-Demand (VOD) services for PSP in United Kingdom. PSP can offer a much better view for videos with its large screen compared to other handheld devices. The latest PSP also has Wi-Fi support and many other features. At Leipzig Games convention, Sony made an announcement of its JV with Sky Broadcasting.

However, Sony is still far from launching the service in United States. Phil Harrison of Sony Worldwide stated that PSP VOD would not be possible in the U.S. markets due to the lack of content delivered over-the-air via subscription. PSP has a user base of 2 million in the UK and Ireland.

Sony has joined hands with Sky Broadcasting in order to offer Video Downloads in Ireland and the UK. The JV between both companies has been branded "Go!"

Go! will offer content is various sections which includes Sports, Movies, Music, Animations. In addition to content from Sky Broadcasting, there will be some content from other channels as well. Pay-per-view movies will also be offered on PSP.

Users will have option to download the content directly on their PSP using a Wi-Fi connection or to download on their PC first.

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