Smartphone market grows in India

India over the years has emerged as a huge market for almost everything right from automobiles to mobile phones. The latest phenomenon in the Indian markets is the Smartphone as indicated by the sales numbers. The sales of these Smartphone have grown 3 times (July - September) of 2010 just about a year ago.

The numbers were even more heartening in the second quarter of 2010 where the sales have jumped by 34.2%. The latest survey by IDC has revealed these numbers which are quite evident of the fact that Indian consumers prefer the Smartphone more than any other.

The prices of Smartphones have dipped sharply and they are continuing to drop with the increase in competition.

In the second quarter of 2010, 80 percent of the total Indian Smartphone sales were lesser than the avg. sales value of Rs. 18,000, the proportion of which rose to 90 percent in the third quarter.

The youth in India seem to be specifically attracted to these products, where the purchase decisions are mostly based on the peer group suggestions, along with the knack of experimenting with latest technology and of course backed by the disposable income.