Slovenian steeplechase champion denies doping allegations

Slovenian steeplechase champion denies doping allegations Ljubljana - Slovenian steeplechase champion Bostjan Buc on Tuesday dismissed media reports which mentioned him in connection doping scheme exposed in Austria.

"I have no idea why I was brought into this context," Buc, 28, sauid in a telephone interview with the German Press Agency dpa in Ljubljana.

On Monday, news reports had alleged that Buc was part of the scheme exposed in Austria around sports manager Stefan Matschiner, with the Delo daily saying: "The wave (of doping) washed over the Alps (into Slovenia)."

Buc acknowledged that Dutch steeplechase Simon Vroumen, who was managed by Matschiner and failed a doping test in 2008, but stressed that Vroumen only sent him training plans. Buc said that he severed ties with Matschiner after the Beijing Olympic last year.

"Yes, I know Vroumen and Matschiner, but it doesn't automatically mean I have anything to do with doping," he said.

Matschiner has been implicated by Austrian cyclist Bernhard Kohl and triathlete Lisa Huetthaler to have provided them with various doping substances. The manager is in custody over the doping probe and has reportedly confessed to some wrongdoings. (dpa)