ShopClues,Droom to invest Rs. 20 Crore in start-ups by December 2017
ShopClues,Droom to invest Rs. 20 Crore in start-ups by December 2017

New Delhi [India], Mar. 29 : India's 'star serial entrepreneur' Sandeep Aggarwal announced plans of investing Rs. 20 Crore in up to 12 start-ups by the end of this year, in the areas of healthcare, tech and retail.

Aggarwal, who is the Founder of ShopClues and Droom, has already invested in seven start-ups across various industry verticals and is looking to further expand his investment portfolio by entering the data science app development arena as well.

Dekoruma, Wydr, Shopsity, Data Guise, Give Club, Duriana and Curo Healthcare have all received funding during the past few months. While Wydr, Shopsity and Curo Healthcare are Indian companies, the rest mostly belong to South East Asian markets and the Silicon Valley.

He is also looking to invest more in business ideas emerging in Tier II and Tier III cities in India to encourage entrepreneurship and innovation in these areas.

"As an early-stage entrepreneur, I often felt helpless myself at the lack of funding and mentorship during the most crucial phases of my business. I have always strived to provide young entrepreneurs the necessary resources and guidance required to let them realise their vision. This year, too, will be no different and I will ensure in my personal capacity that no great idea is nipped in the bud due to lack of capital or the right guidance," said Aggarwal.

The serial investor has time and again stressed on the extremely important role technology plays in businesses of today and highly regards the possibilities of a tech-driven business to turn big. High-energy, passion, long-term vision, ability to take risks, the art of prioritisation and austerity along with the ability to implement technology well are some of the attributes Sandeep believes to be important for entrepreneurial success. (ANI)