Sarkozy: Mediterranean Union like Franco-German reconciliation

Nicolas SarakozyMonaco - French President Nicolas Sarkozy on Friday in the city state of Monaco compared the proposed Mediterranean Union to the beginning of the current friendship between France and Germany.

Referring to the proposed union of European nations and countries along the Mediterranean rim, Sarkozy said: "It will certainly not be easier than the reconciliation between Germany and France," but added that in the end the Franco-German reconciliation was a success.

Sarkozy called the Mediterranean Union "one of France's most important political projects."

In contrast to the previous Euro-Mediterranean Partnership (Barcelona Process) set up in 1995, he wanted to set the joint neighbouring countries project at centre stage.

Joint projects the French leader named as examples included making the Mediterranean the cleanest sea, as well as student exchange programmes around the Mediterranean.

Prince Albert II of Monaco gave Sarkozy his support. (dpa)

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