Samsung’s first Android phone to hit European markets in June

Samsung’s first Android phone to hit European markets in JuneSubstantiating its “soon” reply to queries about its first smartphone powered on Google’s Android operating system, Samsung Electronics Co announced on Monday that its I7500 smartphone will hit the European markets in June, though its availability in American is yet to be confirmed.

Elaborating on the specs of the soon-to-come smartphone, Samsung said that it features a 3.2-inch AMOLED 480p touch-screen, and runs on HSDPA-based networks, which is a 7.2Mbps tri-band wireless technology popular in Europe. The phone also boasts of WiFi connectivity, 8GB onboard memory, 5 megapixel digital camera, and support for all the main video and audio formats.

There has been neither any official disclosure about the pricing of the Samsung’s smartphone, nor any information about Samsung’s additional tuning to offer its own interface on the model that is closely-integrated with Google services.

The Google features that the Android integrates include Gmail, Google Search, Google maps, Google Calendar, Google Talk, and YouTube. In addition, the smartphone release includes a virtual store for software applications, which would be similar to the App Store that helped boost the sales of Apple’s iPhone.

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