Rover’s UMR 809 Urban e-bike features superb design & high-tech specs

Rover’s UMR 809 Urban e-bike features superb design & high-tech specs

Attracted by the fast-growing market of personal electric mobility solutions, renowned automobile manufacturer Rover has announced its return into e-bike market with the launch of its newest creation, the UMR 809.

The Rover UMR 809 e-bike, which has specifically been designed and developed for urban environments features a superb blend of minimalist aesthetics and functional design. It comes equipped with a single-speed, belt-driven drivetrain that promises a seamless, hassle-free riding experience. When it comes to riding, this e-bike just stands out by ensuring remarkably quiet and smooth operation. Furthermore, it requires minimal maintenance.

The sporty as well as strong frame of the new e-bike is complemented by a road bike geometry that radiates a unique sense of forcefulness. To promote a comfortable and upright seating position, the manufacturer has fitted it with a standard handlebar.

To propel the Rover UMR 809 e-bike, there is a rear hub motor that produces a nominal output of 250 watts and 40 Newton-meters (Nm) of torque, which is ideally enough for conquering inclines. It is, in fact, a crucial aspect of the new personal mobility solution’s single-speed setup. To add to the e-bike’s sleek appearance, the company has seamlessly integrated a battery pack into the frame. The 252-watt-hour battery is capable of storing enough power to deliver a range of 31 miles on a single charge, which is enough not only for daily commutes but also for leisurely rides.

Weighing at just 21 kilograms, the new e-bike is relatively a light weight personal electric mobility solution, which ensures effortless maneuverability.

The aforementioned features and tech specs of the new e-bike aren’t the only to be noted. In fact, the new e-bike boasts a number of cutting-edge technologies that enhance convenience, performance and usability. On the handlebars, there is a high-tech digital display that provides real-time information regarding speed, range, and status of battery, which enables riders to monitor important metrics easily. The list of other notable features of the e-bike includes mechanical disc brakes. While it seems somewhat odd that the manufacturer preferred disc brakes to hydraulic ones, the bike still promises reliable stopping power for urban riders. Last but not the least, the Rover UMR 809 comes fitted with a practical kickstand that ensures convenient parking, especially in busy city settings.

Available at a price of €2,499 (approx. US$2,700), the Rover UMR 809 falls into the mid-range segment of the electric bicycle market.

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