Romania introduces special green license plates to help distinguish EVs from ICEs

Romania introduces special green license plates to help distinguish EVs from ICEs

Following the footsteps of other European countries, Romania has also introduces special green license plates for electric vehicles (EVs). A number of countries around the world, including Poland and Ukraine, are now issuing special green license plates for help people distinguish between conventional gas-guzzlers and environment-friendly EVs. Now, the Romanian Environment Ministry has published images of what the green plates for EVs would look like.

The just published images of special green license plates show what the future license plates of EVs will look like. The ministry chose to make the font and edge of the license plates green (or a shade of teal). The background remains white. The new license plates will therefore look quite similar to Ukrainian EV plates.

Explaining the need to conventional plates with the special ones, Romanian Transport Minister Tánczos Barna said they deemed it necessary to introduce non-polluting vehicles more visible in traffic. It may be noted here that EVs are being offered several free perks, such as free parking, tax deductions, and access to low emissions zones.

Speaking on the topic, Barna said, “In making non-polluting vehicles more visible in traffic, we will facilitate the creation of a framework to grant these vehicles certain facilities: free parking, access to low emissions zones, tax deductions, local authorities, especially in large urban sprawls, they will have a very useful instrument to work with.”

For the same aforementioned reasons, special license plates for EVs are being issued around the world. In the United States, special license plates are being offered in Massachusetts, Hawaii, and North Carolina. These have ‘Electric Vehicle’ clearly visible on the plate. The Mississippi authorities have also issued green plate, but you do not have to own an EV to display the green plate as you can put it on any car if you want to show your support for electrification of vehicles.

In some countries, however, EVs are not being distinguished by special color plates. In Norway, for instance, special series of license plates (EL, EK, EV, EB, EC, ED and EE) are being offered for EVs. In Germany, there are no green plates. The Central European country has just added a small, round E-Badge (E-Plakette) to the conventional license plate.

The special color, series or any other sort of differentiations not only brings privileges like free or cheaper parking and lower toll fees but also allows emergency services to know that they are dealing with an EV when any kind of emergency arises.

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