Rolls Royce sues MC Royce Rizzy for using similar name

Rolls RoyceWashington, Jan 25 High-end car company Rolls Royce has filed a lawsuit against a MC named Royce Rizzy as the rapper's name sounds similar to their car company.

According to the lawsuit , the legendary car company said that Rizzy advertises and sells "Team Rolls Royce" shirts on his website and they want him to stop at the earliest, reported.

The luxury car brand has claimed that they've sent the rapper multiple cease and desist letters to no avail and since he's continued to wear the shirts in pics on social media they've been forced to file suit.

The rapper on the other hand informed that he dropped the "Rolls" from his name at least a year and a half ago and he is no longer selling the shirts just wearing them.

The rapper also added that he never got any letters from the car company. (ANI)