Rivian to organize special same-day sales & delivery event for R1T

Rivian to organize special same-day sales & delivery event for R1T

American electric vehicle manufacturer Rivian Automotive has announced that customers who will visit the brand’s Normal, Illinois-based production plant on coming Saturday might be able to buy and drive home the R1T on the same day. The EV maker is inviting customers to its production plant in Illinois on 17th of June, and offering them with a rare opportunity to skip the usually-long delivery time and own the R1T mid-size electric light-duty pickup truck right away.

As already mentioned above, the special same-day sale & delivery event is scheduled to take place on coming Saturday (17 June). The event will start at 10 am and conclude at 6 pm at the following address: 100 Rivian Motorway Normal, Illinois, 61761.

It is quite easy to understand that the opportunity of buying the R1T and driving home the vehicle on the same day through the ‘one-day sales event’ is part of the company to attract more and more buyers towards the brand as well as the light-duty electric pickup truck.

However, the manufacturer has made it very clear that only the Rivian R1T with quad e-motors and the large 135-kilowatt-hour (kWh) battery will be available for purchasing and driving home at the one-day sales event. Those who want to buy the dual motor variants of the vehicle, or the R1S electric SUV, will still have to follow the regular buying process, through the Rivian’s website.

Customers will also be provided with a chance to have the test drives, but such test drives will be available only on local roads and not on the track. Furthermore, customers will be able to trade in their existing vehicles at the special event. Just last month, the EV brand announced that demo drives of its vehicles would be made available for all, and not just pre-order holders. Factory tours will not be available for visitors, but they will be able to have a glance at the shop floor through windows in the lobby.

Rivian is slowly ramping up production of its EVs. In the most recent report, it maintained its production target of 50,000 units for the current year. In the first quarter (Q1) of this year, the company produced 9,395 units. The figure includes the light-duty R1T electric pickup truck, and the R1S electric SUV, and the EDV delivery van.

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