New record high for OPEC crudes

Vienna - The price for crudes produced by the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) peaked above 104 dollars for the first time on Monday, OPEC said on Tuesday.

World's mountains will not remain water towers forever

Vienna  - The world's population and agriculture hotspots are particularly sensitive to changes in the capacity of mountains to store water, geological scientists say.

OPEC crude price remains close to all-time high

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OPEC crude price at new record high

Organization of the Petroleum Exporting CountriesVienna - The p

Middle East tops agenda of King Abdullah's visit to Austria

Vienna - King Abdula IIBilateral issues were forced into the background on Wednesday as Jordan'

OPEC crude price continues upward

OPEC crude price continues upwardVienna - The price for crude oil produced by the