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Identifying suspects among dozens of people at crime spots may soon be easy

Washington, August 29 : Police investigators may soon find it easy to identify possible suspects among dozens of people at a crime scene, with American scientists claiming that an individual’s DNA can be identified within a mix of DNA samples.

Scientists at the Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen), who led the study, say that that this detection is possible even if an individual represents less than 0.1 percent of the total mix of DNA samples, compared with the 10 per cent requirement with the existing forensic procedures.

Writing about their work in PLoS Genetics, the researchers said that they had been successful in doing so even when the mix of DNA included more than 200 individual DNA samples.

Scientists pave way for ‘green’ explosives

Washington, August 29 : Scientists at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) in California, including an Indian-origin researcher, have achieved some success in improving the crystal quality and chemical purity of an explosive called TATB by adding to it unique green solvents.

“Improving crystal quality and purity leads to explosive materials that are safer (less likely to react violently) when subjected to mechanical impact or heat,” said Larry Fried, the principal investigator on the project that has been described in the journal Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics.

Scottish scientists successfully make superbugs explode and die

Washington, Aug 29: In a breakthrough study, Scottish scientists have identified a chink in the protective shield of deadly superbugs that can make the bacteria explode and die.

The scientists from St Andrews University and molecular experts at Aberdeen University have worked out a key mechanism that protects bacteria against stress, which could lead to new chemicals to fight deadly bugs like as E coli, MRSA and C difficile.

All bacteria have tiny channels in their walls, which operate like the valve on a pressure cooker. They open to release material when the pressure in a bacterial cell gets too great. If the channel did not open to relieve pressure, the bacteria would explode and die.

Barack Obama''s accidental lip-lock with Jill Biden a bigger net hit than his speech!

Barack Obama''s accidental lip-lock with Jill Biden a bigger net hit than his speech!New York, August 29 : Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama’s accidental smooch with the wife of his vice-presidential choice Joe Biden has become an Internet sensation.

The footage, downloaded from YouTube by tens of thousands, shows Obama kissing Biden’s wife Jill on the lips as the his own wife was watching from the stands.

"Obama stunned the audience with a buss to Jill Biden," the New York Daily News quoted the Washington Post as writing about the incident.

Scientists study crystals to improve understanding of volcanic eruption triggers

Washington, August 29 : A team of scientists from the Durham University and the University of Leeds, UK, have studied crystal formation from a volcano, in Santorini, in Greece, to calculate the timescale between the trigger of volcanic activity and the volcano’s eruption.

According to the scientists, the technique can be applied to other volcanoes – such as Vesuvius, near Naples, in Italy – and will help inform the decisions of civil defence agencies.

Worldwide, it is estimated that between 50 and 70 volcanoes erupt each year, but due to the long gaps between eruptions at most volcanoes it is hard to understand how any individual volcano behaves.

This work allows scientists to better understand this behaviour.

Obama’s acceptance speech connects with Americans: CBS

Obama’s acceptance speech connects with Americans: CBSNew York, Aug. 29 : Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama’s acceptance speech on Thursday night, has proved that he has his foot firmly planted on the ground, and has successfully connected with the American people, a senior television journalist has said.

Vaughn Ververs, a senior political editor with the website CBSNEWS. com, said in an article for the network that Obama’s speech has raised “expectations to heights that not even the Colorado altitude could match.”