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White House, Congress at loggerheads over unrestricted aid to Pak

White House may scrap Health Czar’s postWashington, Apr. 30 : The Obama administration is attempting to head off efforts in Congress to place tough conditions on the multi-billion dollar assistance package it is seeking for Pakistan.

According to Politico, senior Pentagon officials told lawmakers yesterday that conditions being proposed by both Democrats and Republican in Congress could “severely constrain” the U. S. strategy for Pakistan.

Novel animal model provides sciatica insights

Washington, Apr 30 : Duke University bioengineers and surgeons have developed a new animal model for the painful nerve condition, known as sciatica, which could offer insights to help researchers diagnose and treat it.

Sciatica is characterised by numbness or pain from the lower back to the feet, radiating leg pain or difficulty in controlling the leg.

It is often caused by compression, or pinching, of any of the five nerve roots that combine to make up the sciatic nerve. These roots are the parts of the nerve that pass through openings in the spine to the spinal cord.

Preventative therapy for Type 1 diabetes found

Bristol could be new hope for diabetics  Washington, Apr 30 : In a major breakthrough, scientists have found a preventative therapy for Type 1 diabetes— by making the body''s killer immune cells tolerate the insulin-producing cells they would normally attack and destroy, prior to disease onset.

Type 1 diabetes is a serious autoimmune condition, in which the body attacks its own insulin producing cells and is characterised by a sudden and dramatic onset, usually in youth.

Obama says he does not want to run auto companies

Barack ObamaWashington, Apr. 30 : President Barack Obama has said that he does not want to run American auto companies, which are presently experiencing a major crisis.

"I don''t want to run auto companies, and I don''t want to run banks. I''ve got two wars I''ve got to run already--I''ve got more than enough to do," CBS quoted Obama, as saying.

Chrysler faces a government-imposed deadline to finalize a partnership with Fiat SpA by this Thursday.

Controlling cholesterol, BP may help prevent stroke

blood pressureWashington, Apr 30 : Reaching optimal levels for cholesterol and high blood pressure in stroke patients could help prevent chances of a second stroke or heart attack, says a new study.

The study is to be presented as part of the Late-breaking Science Program at the American Academy of Neurology''s 61st Annual Meeting in Seattle, April 25 – May 2,

Obama “gravely concerned” about “ fragile” Pak government

US President Barack ObamaWashington, Apr. 30 : The ‘existential threat’ that Pakistan is facing currently from the ever advancing Taliban has US President Barack Obama seriously worried.

Talking to media persons at a prime-time news conference on the occasion of completing 100 days in office, Obama said he is “gravely concerned” about the stability of the Pakistani government.

Obama termed the Zardari regime in Pakistan as “very fragile”.