One Turkish soldier dead, 13 wounded in clash with Kurdish rebels

Ankara (dpa) - One Turkish soldier was killed and 13 wounded Wednesday night in a fire-fight with Kurdish separatists, the CNN-Turk television station reported on Thursday.

Turkish warplanes hit Kurdish rebels in northern Iraq

Ankara  - Turkish warplanes attacked Kurdish separatists in northern Iraq on Tuesday, according to a statement issued by the Turkish military on Wednesday.

Turkish parliament set to ease restrictions on freedom of speech

Turkish parliament Ankara - The Turkish parliament is to vote on changing infamou

EU reforms list handed to Turkish prime minister

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip ErdoganAnkara - The Turkish government depart

Karl-Heinz Feldkamp resigns as coach of Turkish side Galatasaray

Ankara  - Karl-Heinz Feldkamp has resigned as coach of Turkish top club Galatasaray, according to a statement posted on the Istanbul club's website on Saturday.

Turkish minister stresses need for social security reform

Nicosia, Jan 17: Kemal Unakitan, Turkish Minister of Finance