Online applications can lead to first job

Online ApplicationsStuttgart - Applying for a job used to be expensive what with the costs of printing CVs, buying special binders and then the costs of posting it. The first step into professional life quickly proved expensive and time consuming.

Nowadays, the internet has the process simpler. Job applicants can scan job openings quickly and efficiently online and contact potential employers by e-mail. Nonetheless, online applications have their own risks for people just starting their career.

Daimler to hold Tata stake, may offer Merc parts for Jaguar

Auto SectorStuttgart  - Daimler may provide Mercedes-Benz parts for future British Land-Rover and Jaguar cars built by Tata Motors, the chief executive of the German multinational was quoted saying Saturday.

Dieter Zetsche also said Daimler was content with the 7-per-cent stake it holds "more or less as a dormant investor" in the Indian company run by Ratan Tata and did not seek more.

He said Daimler, as a premium-car company, was not aiming to become a volume manufacturer.

Lithium-ion battery for Smart next year

Stuttgart, Germany  - A new generation of battery-powered Smart cars would be fitted with a lithium-ion battery next year with a pilot test in London possibly being extended to Los Angeles, Germany's auto-motor-sport magazine reports.

"We will fit the new generation with lithium-ion batteries and if the tests are positive we could soon make a decision on serial production," the magazine quoted Smart CEO Anders Jensen as saying.

The Smart micro-car was predestined for alternative drive. "We need not design a new car for this type of drive system," Jensen said.

Facelift for Mercedes B-Class - fuel cell set for 2010

Mercedes B ClassStuttgart - Mercedes has given the B-Class a design makeover with more economical engines and a special fuel-cell hydrogen drive version available in 2010, the car maker has announced.

The four-cylinder engines are up to 7 per cent more economical than the predecessor with exhaust emissions that undercut current European Union (EU) emission standards by as much as 90 per cent, Mercedes said.

A new start/stop function will be available for the B 150 and B 170 models. The engine switches off automatically at traffic lights. Additional new developments include a bi-fuel petrol/natural-gas drive in the B 170 NGT, along with active parking assist.

Mercedes Sprinter van with natural-gas drive

Mercedes Sprinter VanStuttgart - Mercedes is offering the new Sprinter transporter with natural-gas drive, with operating costs 30 per cent lower than comparable diesel-engined versions, the manufacturer has announced.

Fitted with bivalent drive the Sprinter NGT, has a four-cylinder unit with a displacement of 1.8 litres, developing 115 kW/156 hp.

The driver can switch between gas and petrol-drive by pressing a button to the left of the ignition lock. An indicator lamp comes on when in natural-gas mode. A display in the cockpit also lets the driver know how much gas is left in the tank.

German state to jam cellphones in jails

German state to jam cellphones in jailsStuttgart  - A German state set out plans Tuesday to jam wireless-phone calls from inside prisons, after admitting that tiny cellphones were being routinely smuggled into jails by visitors.

The Justice Ministry of Baden-Wuerttemberg state said prisoners were using the phones to direct criminal activities outside or plan their escapes. Though private phones are prohibited, they are still being brought in, often concealed in cakes or in bodies.

Jammer radio signals at a jail mean only crackly static will be audible on mobile phones inside the prison perimeter in future.

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