More HDB flats built for singles in Singapore

More HDB flats built for singles in SingaporeKhaw Boon Wan, the National Development Minister of Singapore has said in a reply to a query in the Parliament that more Housing Board (HDB) flats in the country are being built for singles.

Mr Khaw said that the number has been increased a bit to cater to the singles. He said that the National Development Ministery is still determining the exact number of flats to set aside for singles in the country. According to current regulations, singles can purchase only resale HDB flats and they are required to be above the age of 35 years.

Fraser & Neave says no to bid for hospitality business

Fraser & Neave says no to bid for hospitality businessSingapore conglomerate, Fraser & Neave has said that it has turned down a bid valued at 1.4 billion Singapore dollars, or $1.1 billion for its hospitality and serviced residence business.

The conglomerate did not announce the name of the bidder behind the unsolicited bid for the unit,

The conglomerate is present in various sectors and its hospitality unit operates serviced apartments in more than 20 Asian and European cities under various brands such as Fraser Suites, Fraser Place and Fraser Residence.

Tax Crimes to be classified as money laundering offences in Singapore

Tax Crimes to be classified as money laundering offences in SingaporeAccording to a consultation paper, the authorities in Singapore are considering classifying all tax crimes as money laundering (ML) predicate offences.

The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) has issued the consultation paper seeking views of several members of the society. MAS says that most of the serious tax crimes will be treated as predicate offences from 1 July

IOC raises 400 million Singapore dollar loan

IOC raises 400 million Singapore dollar loan State-run Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) has raised 400 million Singapore dollar (US$326 million) loan by issuing of ten-year bonds denominated in Singapore dollar.

The flagship refiner-marketer priced the notes at 4.1 per cent yield, which is much better than 5.625 per cent that the oil company had paid for a US currency loan last year with a similar tenor.

As per the company, the deal made IOC India's first corporate that has successfully priced long-term bonds denominated in Singaporean currency.

Private home prices rise 0.5 % in Singapore

Private home prices rise 0.5 % in SingaporeAccording to the latest figure released by the authorities, the price f private homes have risen by 0.5 per cent during the third quarter till September in the tiny nation of Singapore.

The prices had recorded a rise of 0.4 percent in the second quarter and a fall of 0.1 percent during the first quarter of the year till March, according to data released by the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) of Singapore.

HDB launches 7,055 BTO flats for sale on Thursday

HDB launches 7,055 BTO flats for sale on ThursdayThe Housing and Development Board (HDB) has announced the launch of more than 7,000 flats for sale on Thursday under the joint Build-to-Order (BTO) and Sale of Balance Flats (SBF) Exercises.

The HDB announced the sale of flats will be through the exercises both in non-mature and mature towns. The board also said that it will offer an option for the sanitary fittings in bathrooms. The optical scheme is expected to provide much flexibility to customers and will also help in saving renovations costs.

Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan to be first Asian countries to sell iPhone 5

Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan to be first Asian countries to sell iPhone 5Apple has recently revealed in a press release that the Asian countries in which the company's newly-unveiled next-generation iPhone - the iPhone 5 - will initially be launched will include Singapore, Hong Kong, and Japan.

Revealing that these three countries will be the first Asian countries to sell iPhone 5 when it is released worldwide on September 21, Apple said that though the new smartphone will hit 22 more countries on September 28, no other Asian country will be included that time round.

RCom delays Singapore IPO of unit

RCom delays Singapore IPO of unitIndia’s Reliance Communications has delayed a planned Initial Public offering (IPO) of a unit on the Singapore stock exchange.

The company said in a statement released on Friday that it will list the Global Telecommunications Infrastructure Trust later when the market conditions are more supportive for the IPO. The company was aiming to raise between $700 million and $1 billion by selling the company’s shares in Singapore.

Singapore PM believes India can grow at 8-9 per cent

Singapore PM believes India can grow at 8-9 per centThe Prime Minister of Singapore, Lee Hsien Loong has said on Thursday that he believes that the Indian economy can grow between 8 and 9 per cent in the coming 5 to 10 years if the authorities in the country push ahead with the reforms by taking opposition parties on board.

“India would be able to grow not just at seven percent, but 8-9 percent for another 5-10 years easily, because the potential is there, human capabilities are there,” Lee said.

Raytheon delivers first radar for Indian P-8I to Boeing

Raytheon delivers first radar for Indian P-8I to BoeingSingapore, Feb 18 - Raytheon has delivered the first APY-10 radar to Boeing for integration on board the Indian Navy's first P-8I maritime reconnaissance aircraft that should be delivered in January 2013.

Raytheon's vice president for Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Systems at the company's Space and Airborne Systems Business, Tim Carey, said: "Our APY-10 Radar will provide the Indian Navy with proven, low-risk technology built on generations of successful Raytheon maritime radar systems."

Researchers achieve breakthrough in electromagnetic waves study

Researchers have achieved a new breakthrough in exploiting electromagnetic waves and will prove useful in further research for more advanced medical diagnosis.

The new research will allow researchers to build smaller more portable, easier to operate as well as cheaper terahertz waves (T-rays) systems for medical diagnostics. T-rays are used in airports scanners, medical scanning devices as well as in spectroscopy systems for materials analysis.

The rays will be able to sense molecules as every molecule has its unique signature in the THz range, according to a report in the journal Nature Photonics.

Reliance Com’s unit planning to get listed in Singapore

Reliance Com’s unit planning to get listed in SingaporeThe cable unit of the Reliance Communications Ltd is aiming to raise about $1.5 billion through an initial public offering (IPO) in Singapore, according to reports.

Anil Ambani's Reliance plans to sell 75 percent of FLAG Telecom through the IPO and get a valuation of up to $2 billion within the first half of the year, according to a report citing persons close to the matter. FLAG Telecom will be listed as a business trust in the stock market in Singapore.

Banks in Singapore to focus on NRI investment potential

Banks in Singapore to focus on NRI investment potentialBanks in Singapore are improving operations in order to be ready to exploit the investment potential of the non-resident Indians (NRI) living in the city state.

The more than 300,000 NRI’s in Singapore have a investment wealth of USD 25 billion with a preference to invest in Indian securities and the Indian currency. According to a latest report in a media outlet, the number of NRIs with an appetite for investment in India is increasing drastically in the country.

Changi might pick up 26% stake in GVK Airports

Changi might pick up 26% stake in GVK AirportsAccording to some reports, Singapore's Changi Airports Group might be planning to acquire a 26 per cent stake in GVK Airports unit in a deal worth around 2,200 crore.

GVK Power & Infrastructure Ltd has said in a filing with the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) that it normally looks for business partners for growth in various industries within and outside India, but the group or any of its subsidiaries has not entered into an agreement with any company for a stake sale.

Singapore expected to have 3-5 percent economic growth

Singapore expected to have 3-5 percent economic growthSingapore, Oct 11 - Singapore President Tony Tan Keng Yam has said it is going to be tougher for Singapore to have high growth rate as the city state moves closer to the income level of the developed countries, but it can still achieve growth of 3-5 percent in the coming years.

Tan said such growth rate will be enough to achieve a better life for all Singaporeans, according to daily Business Report Tuesday, reported Xinhua.

Singapore firm working on Indoor GPS

Singapore firm working on  Indoor GPSSingapore, Oct 10 - A Singapore start-up firm has devised an innovative application to allow phone users have access to their positioning information within buildings, where the traditional global positioning system has often proved inaccurate.

The firm YFind Positioning System feels that the application can help turn Singapore into the world's first location-intelligent city, daily Business Times reported on Monday.

Singapore: To Host Asia’s First Ever Men’s Fashion Week

Singapore's First Men's Fashion Week 2011Singapore, known for its great fashion in women’s high street and couture genres is now reportedly all ready to host the first ever Men’s fashion extravaganza week this side of the globe. The event is being organized by Fide Multimedia Pte Ltd and One International Holdings Pte Ltd.

The event is to be something as big as any fashion week with most designers scheduled to be flown down to Singapore. The tickets are also open for public purchase and according to reports some 30% of the total has been land marked for it.

Worlds first for cure for PE

PriligyWorld's first oral medication to treat premature ejaculation has been granted an approval for usage in Singapore.

Premature ejaculation, or PE, is tainted to be one of the most severe issues which is visible in case of males sexual health globally, states Janssen-Cilag.

It is considered to be a medical condition which has been designed in a manner to fight against the short ejaculatory latency time and lack of control. In Singapore, 20 per cent of men are witnessing PE, while another probable 14 per cent are likely the true sufferers of the condition.

Constipation occurs more in kids with no green diet

Children-greens-dietChildren who don't have greens in their diet have 13 times more chances to get constipation, according to a new study.

The research further discovered that drinking less than two glasses of water per day raises the risk to a great extent.

Constipation is a very painful condition when the movement of bowel become infrequent or hard to pass and can result in more serious bowel obstructions, as reported by the Journal of Clinical Nursing.

1/10th of Singapore suffering from obesity

1/10th of Singapore suffering from obesityWhile the number of obese percentage in Singapore was at a satisfactory level of 6.9% back in the survey done in 2004 but the latest National Health Survey has revealed that close to 10.8% of the population in the country is obese.

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