ESA’s Earth map shows land cover as never before

European Space AgencyParis, March 18: A new global portrait by ESA (European Space Agency), ta

Bhansali’s Opera ‘Padmavati’ Receives Standing Ovation In Paris

Ace Bollywood film producer Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s adaptation of Albert Sanjay Leela BhansaliRoussel’s opera ‘Padmavati’ has received a standing ovation at its premiere on Friday at the highly esteemed Theatre du Chatelet.

“I wasn’t completely familiar with the opera but the films I had done before, the preciseness with which I had made them helped me immensely,” said Bhansali over phone from Paris.

“Sometimes being a perfectionist is a boon,” he added.

ESA satellite captures iceberg breakup

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Scientists puzzled by ‘eye of a hurricane’ on Venus

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Satellite detects solitary waves in space for the first time

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“Out of this world” music to entertain astronauts aboard space station

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