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Minister’s car runs over woman in Madhya Pradesh

Madhya PradeshBhopal, Jan 30, : Mad

Tigress adopted by a man in Bhopal

BhopalBhopal, Jan 23 : Adoption of a rare Indian Python by a girl spurred another man to adopt a tigress in Van Vihar National Park of Bhopal, under the ''adoption of wildlife'' scheme launched by the zoo authorities on Jan 1 enabling people to sponsor their favourite animals living in the zoo.

The Animal Adoption Scheme started in 1994, aims to encourage patronage towards a noble cause. The Bhopal zoo allows adoption of animals like a lion, leopard, bear, python, hyena, crocodile and ghariyal.

Metro rail service like Delhi for Bhopal in seven years: Gaur

Madhya PradeshBhopal, Jan. 22 : Madhya Pradesh Urban Administration Minister Babulal Gaur has said that a metro rail service, on the lines of the one already operating in the national capital, would be introduced in Bhopal in next seven years.

Interacting with the mediapersons in State capital, Gaur said that work on the survey for the proposed metro rail would begin in six months.

Gaur informed journalists about his meet with the top officials of the Delhi Metro in the national capital two days ago in which he discussed the metro rail project for Bhopal with them

Muslims participate in Muharram processions in UP, MP

MuharramFaizabad/Gwalior, Jan 8 : Shi''ite Muslims took part in Muharram processions in Faizabad, Uttar Pradesh, on Wednesday night.

The procession marks the death anniversary of Imam Hussain, a grandson of the Prophet Mohammad, who was martyred in the battle at Kerbalaby his political rival Yazid in AD 680.

"This land has always been a land of harmony. We can see that here in the processions that many are Hindus actively taking part in it. There is no sign of any hatred among the Hindus and Muslims. Every year, we take out the procession in a peaceful manner," said Maulana Zul Qadar Abadi, priest, Masjid Imam Bada, Faizabad.

Superstition stops villagers to build concrete houses in Madhya Pradesh

Bhind (MP), Dec 27: If you want a comfortable house, build it with concrete and which will guard you against rain, sun and extremes of weather.

But you cannot do so if you are living in Bhind village of Madhya Pradesh

Resident here live in mud houses even today. They believe that concrete houses bring you bad luck.

If you want a concrete house, better go outside the village boundary, say the villagers.

Residents claim that concrete houses bring bad luck to the owners. There is a fear among all of us that if we build a house here, our children will die, says Mukund Singh, a resident.

Madhya Pradesh cabinet to take oath today

Madhya Pradesh cabinet to take oath todayBhopal, Dec 2