Superstition stops villagers to build concrete houses in Madhya Pradesh

Bhind (MP), Dec 27: If you want a comfortable house, build it with concrete and which will guard you against rain, sun and extremes of weather.

But you cannot do so if you are living in Bhind village of Madhya Pradesh

Resident here live in mud houses even today. They believe that concrete houses bring you bad luck.

If you want a concrete house, better go outside the village boundary, say the villagers.

Residents claim that concrete houses bring bad luck to the owners. There is a fear among all of us that if we build a house here, our children will die, says Mukund Singh, a resident.

According to a legend, a king who had come visiting the village happened to witness a fight between a goat and a jackal. He asked a temple priest to explain to him the importance of the fight in which unexpectedly the goat had managed to ravage and kill the jackal.

The priest had apparently told him that the village would prove to be very lucky for human habitation and survival. The priest also told him that the king should immediately lay the foundation for his palace if he wished to live there.

The king who was in a hurry, built a temporary mud hut and left. When he returned after a few months, the priest told the king that he had committed a mistake of not laying the concrete foundation and hence now if anyone attempted to build a concrete house, an evil spell would be cast on that family.(ANI)