Largest Irish trade union refuses to back Lisbon Treaty "Yes" vote

Dublin  - Ireland's largest trade union has refused to back the European Union's Lisbon Treaty in an upcoming referendum unless the government promises to introduce legislation to safeguard workers

EU Commissioner says no "sane person" would read Lisbon Treaty

Dublin  - European Commissioner Charlie McCreevy has said that no "sane person" would want to read the European Union's Lisbon Treaty, the Irish Independent reported Saturday.

Conference to ban cluster bombs starts in Dublin

Conference to ban cluster bombs starts in DublinDublin  - A

Irish government gets boost in opinion poll

IrelandDublin  - The Irish government received a boost in an opinion poll published Friday that showed vot

Irish conservationists rally against new port plans

Cork, Ireland  - The view upstream from the Tivoli shipping container terminal in the southern Irish city of Cork shows the River Lee cutting through the centre of the port city.

Ireland's ruling party starts Yes campaign for EU's Lisbon treaty

Dublin  - Ireland's largest political party Fianna Fail was set to launch its Yes campaign for the EU Lisbon Reform Treaty Monday.