Appeal trial for Greek terrorist group begins in Athens

Athens - An appeals trial for four convicted members of a Greek far-left terrorist group, Revolutionary Popular Struggle, began on Wednesday at a top security prison in Athens.

Greece to send medical and food aid to Myanmar

Greece to send medical and food aid to MyanmarAthens 

Greece detains hundreds of illegal immigrants in three weeks

greece flagAthens - Greek officials detained 28 illegal immigrants on Monday, raising the number to more than 1,000 caught trying to enter the country via the Aegean Sea in the past few weeks, reports said.

The Merchant Marine Ministry said the immigrants, including nine children, were discovered trying to sneak into the country overnight near the island of Evia.

Officials arrested three people-smugglers in a US-flagged ship.

Since mid-April, officials have detained a total of 1,012 illegal immigrants, including 51 children, and arrested 43 human smugglers.

Man who swallowed heroin on flight ends up in hospital in Greece

Athens - A Greek-Lebanese man who apparently swallowed heroin-filled capsules in a smuggling attempt is in hospital in Greece after many of the capsules burst in his stomach, reports said Monday.

Transport disrupted across Greece as workers strike on May Day

Athens - Public transport services, ships and flights by the state carrier Olympic Airlines were paralysed across Greece Thursday as unions planned demonstrations in the capital to coincide with La

Arsonists bomb three foreign car dealerships in Athens

Athens - Arsonists fire-bombed three foreign car dealerships in Athens in the early hours of Wednesday, causing extensive damage but no injuries, reports said.