Science Express flagged off to mark science and technology cooperation between India and Germany

New Delhi, Oct 30 : Prime Minister Dr.

One in four Germans think Nazi rule was not bad

London, Oct.18 : One in four Germans thinks that Nazi rule had its good points.

Sony BMG wins second European Commission approval

Sony BMG

Nazi doctors’ training college in Germany up for sale

London, Sept.27 : A manor house in an idyllic north-east German village, which was once used as a college to train Third Reich doctors’, is up for sale.

According to The Times, these trained doctors went on to sterilise “sub-humans” - the mentally and physically handicapped, and gypsy women, and ran a terrifyingly thorough euthanasia programme.

Now, the cash-strapped elders of Alt Rehse where the manor house, which trained about 20,000 doctors is located, want to get rid of the house.

Sulphur in shipping smoke trails cools atmosphere, reveals study

London, Sept 18: Particles found in smoke plumes produced by cargo ships has a surprising cooling effect on the Earth's atmosphere, a new study by a team of German researchers from the University of Bremen, has revealed.

Shipping fuel is less refined than aeroplane fuel and contains more sulphur. As a result, tiny particles of sulphur dioxide contained in ship exhaust fumes create cloud tracks – similar to plane contrails – in the sky above a travelling vessel.

Kalyani Group Takes Over RSB Consult GmbH For Undisclosed Amount

Kalyani Group
New Delhi: To escalate its presence in the fast- developing wind power segment, India’s Kalyani Group has adopted Germany’s wind turbine manufacturer RSB Consult GmbH for an undisclosed amount.

RSB is a well-established design and consulting firm with experience in the wind industry and clients all through the world.