China Mobile buys 12 per cent stake in Taiwan's Far East Tone

China Mobile buys 12 per cent stake in Taiwan's Far East ToneTaipei - China Mobile, China's largest cellphone company, signed a strategic alliance agreement with Taiwan's Far East Tone Wednesday, becoming the first Chinese firm to invest in Taiwan's telecommunications business.

The signing ceremony was in Hong Kong, while Far East Tone Chairman Douglas Hsu spoke to reporters in Taiwan via a video link.

Hsu said that China Mobile will pay 17 billion Taiwan dollars (524 million US) to buy 444 million shares of Far East, gaining 12 per cent stake and one board director's seat in Far East Tone.

China resumes North Korean tours after gambling ban

China resumes North Korean tours after gambling banBeijing - One of China's main border crossings to North Korea reopened on Wednesday, more than three years after the government suspended tours because of heavy gambling by Chinese visitors.

State media said the government allowed Chinese day-trippers to cross the Yalu River again into North Korea from the north-eastern city of Dandong, which was one of the main departure points for gamblers until the ban.

Hen gives up on life after romance with rooster ends!

New Delhi, April 29: A hen, in Longchang county, Sichuan province, has given up the desire to live ever since its romance with a rooster came to end.

Shanghai shares follow global surge with 2.8-per-cent rise

China's main stock marketBeijing - China's main stock market index leapt by 2.78 p

Taiwan celebrates rare diplomatic victory

World Health OrganizationTaipei - Taiwan Wednesday celebrated its first victory in its fight to rejoin international organizations after it was allowed to re-join the World Health Organization (WHO) as an observer. The breakthrough is regarded as the result of improved Taipei-Beijing ties and pressure from the United States, Japan, the European Union and Taiwan's 23 diplomatic allies and may pave the way for Taiwan's return to other international organizations.

WHO Secretary-General Margaret Chan invited Taiwan's health minister Yeh Chin-chuan to attend the 62nd World Health Assembly (WHA), opening in Geneva on May 18.

Japanese prime minister arrives in China for talks

Japanese prime minister arrives in China for talks Beijing  - Japanese Prime Minister  arrived in China Wednesday for two days of talks that were expected to focus on issues including the global financial crisis and North Korea.

Aso was scheduled to meet Chinese leaders including President Hu Jintao and Premier Wen Jiabao, foreign ministry spokeswoman Jiang Yu said before the visit.