Punjab emerges as a new market for cars

PunjabLudhiana/Chandigarh, Nov. 27 : Having been hit hard by global slowdown, the automobile industry is on the lookout for new and lucrative markets to survive the existing crisis. Today, the focus appears to be on tapping markets like Punjab, as people here are inclined to buy new cars frequently.

Punjab is today viewed as a ‘hot market’ for cars from the sales point of view by the marketing gurus, especially in the luxury segment.

The U. S. auto industry is faced by a situation where it looks standing on the brink of disaster.

Chandigarh was part of Harappan civilisation 5,000 years ago

ChandigarhChandigarh, Nov. 14 : Not many people may know that modern-day Chandigarh city, mostly designed by Swiss born French architect and planner Le Corbusier, also has a pre-historic past.

About 5,000 years ago Chandigarh was home to the Harappans. The gently sloping plain, on which the city today exists, was once a part of Himalayas.

The stone implements, potsherds, ornaments and copper arrowheads discovered during the excavation in 1950s and 1960s in Chandigarh suggest that the city was once home to Harappans.

Punjabi music taking Punjabiat to places through Bollywood

Punjabi music taking Punjabiat to places through BollywoodChandigarh, Nov. 14 : Punjabi music which has today captivated a huge number of fans beyond Punjab, especially abroad, is creating a great influence in Bollywood films.

Almost every other film from Bollywood is found carrying a Punjabi number or lyrics in dialogues.

Pakistan Radio targets Hindus

Pakistan RadioChandigarh, Nov. 12 : The Punjabi Durbar programme of Pakistan radio seems to have run out of ideas and is harking back at blaming Hindus in India for hurting Sikhs and Muslims.

The objectives of the programmes is to create divisions in the society in Punjab and cause rift in Punjabi society by attacking the communal harmony and brotherhood existing here for time immemorial.

The allegations contained in the Pakistan Radio’s broadcasts have angered local leaders.

Punjabi amateur golfers promote India-Pakistan camaraderie

ChandigarhChandigarh, Nov. 8 : In a gesture to promote brotherhood and friendship between people from both sides of Punjab in Pakistan and India, the 3rd Punj-aab Cup Golf championship was organized here recently.

Though the Indian Punjab team won the tournament this year, the highlight of the tournament was the warmth and camaraderie between players of the two countries.

Beside exchanging information among them about golf course management and coaching, the golfers and organizers enjoyed the cordial atmosphere.

Garment manufacturers popularizing organic clothes in Punjab

Garment manufacturers popularizing organic clothes in PunjabChandigarh, Nov. 8 : Garment manufacturers in Punjab, who initiated an awareness campaign on the ill effects of cotton cultivated with toxic chemicals, have now launched exclusive wear made of organic cotton.

One Ludhiana based garment manufacturer Venus Group recently announced its foray into the domestic market with the launch of first ever organic cotton-based apparels.

These organic garments are certified by the Global Organic Textile Standards and Organic Exchange standards.