Venezuela announces new oil finds

Venezuela announces new oil findsCaracas, April 25 - State-owned Venezuelan oil giant Petroleos de Venezuela SA (PDVSA) has said it has made new oil finds in three different areas of the Andean nation.

An "effective exploratory drilling plan" dating back to late 2013 has resulted in the discovery of 185 million barrels of crude and 1.1 trillion cubic feet of gas, PDVSA said in a statement Thursday.

Venezuela has 297.5 billion barrels of proven oil reserves, more than any other country. Most of that crude is located in the Orinoco Belt, a territory in eastern Venezuela that holds roughly a quarter of the world's petroleum.

Venezuela, US agree to improve ties

Elias-JauaCaracas, June 6 : Venezuela and the US have agreed to find ways to improve their diplomatic relations which have been tense since August 2010, Venezuelan Foreign Minister Elias Jaua said.

The agreement was reached Wednesday during Jaua's meeting with US Secretary of State John Kerry on the sidelines of a Organization of American States (OAS) general assembly meeting held in Antigua, Guatemala, reported Xinhua.

"We trust that the meeting with John Kerry will mark the beginning of a good relation of respect between Venezuela and the United States," Jaua said in a statement released by Venezuela's official media.

Venezuela's Maduro to launch social media accounts ahead of poll

Venezuela's Maduro to launch social media accounts ahead of pollCaracas, March 18 : Venezuela's acting president Nicolas Maduro will launch social media accounts to communicate actively with his supporters ahead of the forthcoming presidential elections.

Maduro is running as the main candidate from the ruling party.

"Now we are holding a meeting on the launch of a digital system (of communication) for Nicolas Maduro from Sunday," Maduro's election adviser Andres Izarra wrote in his Twitter microblog.

Venezuela scraps plan to embalm Chavez

Venezuela scraps plan to embalm ChavezCaracas, March 17 : The Venezuelan government has decided not to embalm the body of late president Hugo Chavez, Communications Minister Ernesto Villegas said.

Chavez, who ruled Venezuela for 14 years, died March 5 at the age of 58 after a two-year-long fight with cancer.

Venezuelan authorities announced the possibility of his embalming two days after his death.

"We have ruled out the idea of embalming the body of Comandante Chavez after a Russian medical commission report, although many Venezuelans had hoped for this option," Villegas wrote on his Twitter blog.

Very difficult to preserve Chavez's body: Maduro

Nicolas-MaduroCaracas, March 14 : Venezuela's Acting President Nicolas Maduro has admitted that it would be "very difficult" to embalm the body of late president Hugo Chavez due to technical reasons.

Maduro said scientists from Russia and Germany had arrived in the country for the embalming process, but the preservation was expected "to be quite difficult" because technical preparations should have started earlier, reported Xinhua.

Chavez's body has been kept in the chapel of Military Academy for a week, following the official announcement of his death March 5.

Venezuela mourns Chavez

Venezuela mourns ChavezCaracas, March 7 - Venezuelans are mourning the death of president Hugo Chavez while government officials make preparations for his funeral and succession.

The armed forces fired a 21-gun salute to Chavez at 8 a. m. and announced that a cannon would be fired once an hour until the late president was buried Friday.

The order for the continuous salute was given by Defense Minister Adm. Diego Molero, armed forces strategic command chief Gen. Wilmer Barrientos said.

"This is one of the top honours for a head of state," the general told VTV.

Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, radio, military hospital, television, Nicols Maduro

Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, radio, military hospital, television, Nicols Maduro Caracas, March 6 : Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez died Tuesday in a military hospital in Caracas, Vice President Nicols Maduro announced on the national radio and television.

With tears in his eyes, Mature addressed Venezuelans from the Doctor Carlos Arvelo military hospital, where Chavez passed his last two weeks after he came back from Cuba on Feb. 18.

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez loses battle with cancer

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez loses battle with cancer Caracas, March 6: Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez lost his battle with cancer Tuesday at the age of 58. He died in a military hospital in Caracas, Vice President Nicolas Maduro announced on national radio and television.

With tears in his eyes, Maduro addressed Venezuelans from the Doctor Carlos Arvelo military hospital, where Chavez passed his last two weeks after returning from Cuba Feb 18, Xinhua reported.

"At 4.25 p. m. (Tuesday), the commander President Hugo Chavez deceased," Maduro said.

Chavez returns home after cancer surgery in Cuba

hugo-chavezCaracas, Feb 18 : Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said on his Twitter account Monday that he has returned home after a two-month cancer treatment in Cuba.

"We have arrived again to the Venezuelan homeland. Thank you, God! Thank you, my beloved people! We shall continue the treatment here," Chavez posted on Twitter.

The 58-year-old leader underwent a cancer surgery in Cuba on Dec. 11. Last week, the Venezuelan government released the first images of Chavez following his surgery, showing him propped up in bed flanked by his two daughters. (ANI)

`Chavez moving into new phase of recovery'

`Chavez moving into new phase of recovery'Caracas, Jan 21: Venezuelan Vice President Nicolas Maduro has said that President Hugo Chavez, who is recovering from cancer surgery in Cuba, is coming out of the postoperative period and "is going to enter a new phase of treatment that is in the process of evaluation" after going through a "difficult" period.

Maduro Sunday said that Chavez is conscious and "continues stabilizing in every way, the functioning of his organs, in all his fundamental qualities".

Chavez aware of complex condition: Venezuelan VP

/Nicolas-MaduroCaracas, Jan 1 : Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is fully aware of the complexity of his condition three weeks after cancer surgery in Cuba, Vice President Nicolas Maduro said on Tuesday.

Chavez, who has been fighting an undisclosed type of pelvic cancer since June 2011, was "totally conscious of the complexity of his post-operative condition" and faced the illness with courage and dignity, Maduro said in a televised interview in Cuba.

"Sometimes he has had light improvements, sometimes stationary situations," Maduro said in the interview broadcast by the Caracas-based television network Telesur.

Chavez has will to live, says Venezuelan vice president

Chavez has will to live, says Venezuelan vice presidentCaracas, Dec 27 - Venezuela's vice president said Wednesday that head of state Hugo Chavez, now recovering in Cuba from his fourth cancer surgery in 18 months, remains undaunted by his illness.

"He has a complex, difficult health situation and a gigantic will to live," Nicolas Maduro said at an official event in the northwestern state of Falcon.

The vice president also reacted angrily to opposition accusations that the leftist government is manipulating information about Chavez's condition.

Chavez up and about: Venezuelan vice president

Chavez up and about: Venezuelan vice presidentIndian Markets opened positive on Wednesday with BSE Sensex up by 42 points at 19296 and NSE Nifty up by 11 points. Asian Markets were trading strong as well. Nikkei 225 was trading higher as Japanese Yen was weak compared to US Dollar and Euro.

CFO of McLeod Russel has expressed his view that tea prices are likely to remain strong during year 2013. As the production of tea was hit by weather, the supply constraint will most likely push up prices. McLeod Russel stock was up by 0.6% at Rs 356.

Fidel Castro amused by speculations about his death

Fidel Castro amused by speculations about his deathCaracas, Sep 11 : Former Cuban head of state Fidel Castro said he's "amused" that there are people speculating about his death, according to a voice recording aired on Venezuelan state television.

Castro also said that he stopped writing his "Reflections" two months ago because he doesn't like to "waste time" and is working on more "important" and "useful" things. He also said that he is "serene" and "happy".

Venezuela announces currency devaluation

Caracas, Jan 10 - Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has announced a currency devaluation and the introduction of a two-tiered official exchange rate as his government aims to boost a sagging economy.

The official exchange rate of 2.15 bolivars to the dollar, in effect since 2005, will be replaced beginning Monday with a dual-rate regime.

Importers of essential items such as food, medicine and heavy machinery will be able to buy dollars at a rate of 2.60 bolivars to the greenback.

The school supply and science and technology sectors, as well as public sector imports and remittances, also will be favoured by that rate, which will represent a 17 percent devaluation.

US warplane violated Venezuelan airspace: Chavez

Caracas, Jan 9 - Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said a US military aircraft had violated the country's airspace for 15 minutes before being intercepted and driven out by two Venezuelan F-16s.

Chavez said the aircraft had flown from the Netherlands Antilles' island of Curacao, and was escorted out of Venezuelan airspace, but later returned for 19 more minutes.

"They are warplanes used for the imperial war, not - as (the US) claims - specialised aircraft to combat drug trafficking," he said during a cabinet meeting Friday.

Auto production down 17 percent in Venezuela

Auto production down 17 percent in VenezuelaCaracas, Jan 8 - Venezuela's auto sector produced 111,554 vehicles last year, a decline of 17.39 percent from 2008, the industry association said.

The fall in output was especially pronounced last month, when production was down 23.66 percent from November and 19.73 percent from the levels of December 2008, the association said Thursday.

Shortly before Christmas, President Hugo Chavez publicly called on Japanese auto giant Toyota either to resume production of four-wheel drive vehicles in Venezuela or shut down its operation in the nation.

Venezuela may shut industries due to power shortage

Venezuela may shut industries due to power shortageCaracas, Jan 6 - Hit by a severe power crisis, Venezuela has announced that it may shut down a few aluminium and steel plants as part of the country's electricity conservation measures.

Ten killed in freighter fire off Venezuela

Ten killed in freighter fire off VenezuelaCaracas, Dec 27 - Ten sailors on a Greek freighter were killed in a fire on board a Greek freighter off the coast of Venezuela, military officials said Saturday.

Another five sailors were injured in the fire, according to the commander of the Venezuelan Navy, Carlos Aniasi, who had telephoned with the ship's captain.

The Greek ministry for ship transport in Piraeus, Greece, said the freighter, the Aegean Wind, was about 90 sea miles off the coast of the South American country when the fire broke out on Christmas Eve, Thursday.

Nine killed in cargo ship blaze

Nine killed in cargo ship blazeCaracas, Dec 26 - Nine crewmembers of a Greek-flagged cargo ship were killed when the vessel caught fire off the coast of Venezuela, officials said.

Venezuela navy chief Carlos Aniasi said the captain of the Aegean Wind freighter confirmed the toll Friday.

The fire broke out in the ship's engine room and spread rapidly. The ship was about 53 km northwest of La Blanquilla island, Venezuelan Coast Guard said. The ship set out from Brazil with a load of iron bound for the US.

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