Rajkot’s little Princess teaches Dandiya

Rajkot, Sep. 12 : A six-year-old girl in Rajkot is attracting public attention for teaching traditional Dandia dance form to various people some of them even of her parents’ age.

Bulbul has been widely appreciated for her talent here.

With the 10-day Navratri festivities around, Bulbul is busy training people in Dandia Raas and Garba dances, as a huge number of Gujratis perform them in open space in big gatherings during these days.

At first sight, Bulbul looks just another child standing barely three feet high. But the moment she steps on to the stage or in the dance court, she turns into a perfect dance tutor.

Bulbul attracted wide attention during last year after she was voted as the youngest and best dancer along with being given the title “Princess” in the final of the Disco Dandiya, a dancing competition event held in Rajkot.

"After being declared a Princess, I started the Dandiya dance classes. I teach both small girls and elder ladies. I teach four steps, six steps and many more. I enjoy teaching them and they also like my teaching," said Bulbul, the midget Dandiya tutor.

It was Bulbul''s mentor, who saw the potentials of a tutor in her and encouraged her to conduct short-term workshops before the Navaratri festival.

"I taught her Dandiya. She was voted as the Princess at a competition. Seeing her talent I decided to take her in my class. Now, she is teaching others in the class. She is teaching people four times her age." said Narendrabhai, Bulbul''s mentor.

Narendrabhai has been conducting the Navaratri classes for last two decades.

Be it the school or college going girls or elderly ladies, all are pupils of Bulbul. They are delighted to watch their little tutor teaching various dancing steps.

"When I came here I came to know that there is a six-year-old Dandiya teacher. I could not believe it. But after I joined, I saw this girl. She teaches very well. She teaches steps, which I''m not aware of. She performs the most difficult steps with ease and also corrects us when we commit mistakes. I don''t think any body else can teach so well," said Pooja Shukla, one student.

Bulbul hails from a well-to-do family. Her mother, who is equally amazed with Bulbul''s talent, has also learnt quite a few novel dance steps from her.

"She was voted as Princess. Now she is teaching Dandiya to others. It was difficult to believe that she could teach so well. Sometimes, I also learn a few steps from her. She teaches students of all age groups including men," said Maniben, Bulbul’s mother.

Bulbul teaches Dandia steps to 70 persons in Rajkot, Baroda and Mumbai styles.

Navaratri Utsav will commence from September 30 this year and to herald this major festival of India, Bulbul is all geared up with her masterly 4-steps, 6-steps, 28-steps, Rangila and many more dance styles to mark the gala occasion. (ANI)