Rad Power Bikes announces game-changing overhaul of entire e-bike collection

Rad Power Bikes announces game-changing overhaul of entire e-bike collection

Seattle-headquartered electric bike (e-bike) manufacturer Rad Power Bikes has just announced the biggest overhaul of its entire product range, setting a new standard by ensuring complete UL-compliance for the e-bikes as well as their high-tech batteries.

In response to customers’ fast-growing demand for enhanced safety, the American e-bike maker seems to leave no stone unturned to ensure the highest level of safety. In fact, discerning customers as well as local authorities want the manufacturers to ensure the highest possible level of safety for e-bike users as demand for electric personal mobility solutions is on the rise these days.

Underlining its commitment to safety, Rad Power has now taken a bold step. By making all of its e-bikes to meet the rigorous standards of UL 2849, which has been aptly named as the UL Standard for Electrical Systems for eBikes. This all-inclusive certification scrutinizes every facet of the battery-powered bikes, including the electrical drive train, battery pack, and charging system, ensuring fire safety throughout the complete e-bike drivetrain.

Furthermore, the company is doing its best when it comes to battery safety. The e-bikes’ lithium-ion batteries will adhere to the strict guidelines of UL 2271. This standard has been specifically designed for batteries used in light electric vehicles (LEVs) like e-bikes and e-scooters. UL 2271 governs the designing as well as manufacturing processes, in addition to rigorous testing procedures for lithium-ion batteries intended for use in e-bikes and other LEVs. This commitment to safety underscores the American brand’s unwavering dedication to its customers’ peace of mind.

Rad Power Bikes' ground-breaking announcement of updating all of its entire product range could not have come at a more decisive moment. To be more precise, the announcement arrived on the heels of New York City's (NYC’s) e-bike ban, which has just hit its deadline for non-UL-compliant e-bikes. A mere six months ago, NYC authorities took a decisive step in response to the increasing concerns surrounding safety of e-bikes and their lithium-ion batteries.

With today's momentous declaration, Rad Power Bikes has effectively secured its place as the largest e-bike maker to embrace complete UL-compliance for both its e-bikes as well as their lithium-ion battery packs. The long list of the renowned brand’s e-bikes includes RadRover (a rugged, all-terrain electric fat bike), RadWagon (a versatile electric cargo bike), RadMini (a compact folding e-bike for easy storage & transport), and RadCity (a commuter-focused e-bike designed for urban riding).

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