Qurrent's electric boat introduced with 500 kW DC fast charging

Qurrent's electric boat introduced with 500 kW DC fast charging

In the rapidly expanding world of electric boating, a new player called Qurrent wants to do things differently by bringing advanced technology to watercraft. Based in Coeur D'alene, the company is all about bringing advanced technology to boats. Qurrent is adding special safety features and robust electric engines (e-boats) to boats, catching the eye of a well-established boat builder.

Cody Peterson, the head of the tech company, explained that the inception of the company was driven by a simple yet powerful goal: to improve boating experience. After kicking things off by focusing on top-tier boats, the company spared no effort in its quest to elevate the boating experience. It introduced lavish amenities, integrated cutting-edge technology, and incorporated potent battery systems and high-powered engines.

To make that happen, Qurrent joined forces with Stancraft – an Idaho-based company boasts ninety years of boat-building experience. Stancraft is known for crafting extravagant wooden boats. Together, Qurrent and Stancraft are blending modern electric technology with classic boat style.

One of their flagship boats is the Stancraft Hammerhead, which is capable of carrying up to twenty people at a time. It boasts a number of fancy extras, such as a beautiful mahogany hull and a bar below deck. As the boat is quite big and heavy, Qurrent developed an extra strong power system to tackle this issue.

Andy Huska, Technology Head at Qurrent, said, “Our electrical system is very flexible. Specifically, in the Stancraft boat, it has a huge 480-kilowatt-hour battery pack. What's cool is that we can make even bigger systems. In the future, we're thinking about boats with 960 kilowatt-hour or even more than a megawatt-hour battery."

Beneath the e-boat, there are two powerful e-motors delivering 1,400 horsepower (hp), making its 15,000-pound frame surprisingly agile, thanks to advanced steering technology. Capable of travelling at speeds of 20-35 miles per hour (mph), it can cover more than 60 miles on a single charge. Fast charging at 500 kW is also available, which is unquestionably a notable feature in the boating world.

Qurrent’s vision is to stand out as a pioneer in forging a profound connection between boats and their captains. What sets the company apart is its meticulously designed electrical system, which incorporates full redundancy. This commitment to redundancy ensures not only the safety of passengers but also a reliable as well as secure journey, assuring that people reach their destinations without any hiccups.

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