A quick look at new Talaria Dragon electric enduro bike

A quick look at new Talaria Dragon electric enduro bike

The realm of electric off-road motorcycles is undoubtedly experiencing a revolution, and Talaria seems to be in no mood to leave any stone unturned to capture a momentous share of the promising market. Showcasing its commitment to reshaping the off-road world with cutting-edge technology and formidable capabilities, Talaria has introduced its latest creation—the Dragon Electric Enduro Bike.

Designed with full-sized magnitudes and an impressive presence, the Talaria Dragon electric motorcycle aims to set a new standard for lightweight off-road two-wheelers, joining the ranks of other notable models like Sur-Ron and Cake Kalk. It features a 21-inch wheel at the front and 18-inch at the rear.

Underneath its strong exterior lies a mid-drive electric motor capable of propelling the two-wheeler with a nominal power output of 10 kilowatts (approx. 13.4 hp). However, the true essence of this beast is revealed in its peak power output of 28 kilowatts (38 hp), coupled with the instantaneous throttle response inherent in electric motors. With a top speed electronically limited to 110 kilometers per hour (69 miles per hour), the new e-bike proves itself as a formidable force, signaling that it isn’t for novices.

The Talaria Dragon's endurance is fueled by an 88.8-volt, 58.5-amp-hour battery pack, which promises a riding range of around 150 kilometers (approx. 94 miles) on a single charge. The manufacturer emphasized the practicality of a four-hour charging time with the help of AC110/230V-50/60 Hz charger.

Furthermore, the new offering offers riders the flexibility of three distinct ride modes, viz. Eco, Sport, and Hyper, allowing customization to match diverse riding preferences.

Enhancing its off-road ability, the new e-bike features a long-travel suspension system with a completely adjustable Air+Spring fork at the front, offering an impressive 250 mm of travel. The rear shock, utilizing a linkage-type setup, is also fully adjustable, guaranteeing optimal performance across varied terrains. The two-wheeler’s traction is supported by the aforementioned 21-inch front and 18-inch rear wheel combination, fitted with standard enduro/dual-sport tires. For bringing the Dragon to a controlled halt, there are front and rear hydraulic disc brakes.

While pricing and availability details for the Talaria Dragon remain under wraps, it is set to officially make debut next year. As anticipation builds for this electrifying off-road marvel, enthusiasts can expect the manufacturer to make waves in the electric enduro bike space by combining power, precision with futuristic off-road riding.

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