Priyanka Refuses To Replace Govinda…

Sigh Of Relief For PriyankaBefore Sanjay Nirupam was fielded as the Congress I candidate to fight BJP’s veteran Ram Nayak for this year’s Lok Sabha elections, the Congress was very keen to put up the much-in-the-news Priyanka Chopra in place of Govinda.

According to very reliable sources the discussions had gone very much ahead. “The Congress wanted a glamorous and younger Bollywood candidate after Govinda for the prestigious Mumbai North constituency. Someone who would connect with the young urban youth of the nation. Initially Priyanka didn’t say no. But then her bulk of film-related work got the better of her. Shooting day and night and then putting in months of gruelling election campaigning and devoting quality and quantity time to her constituency seemed a bit much for Priyanka. She finally had to say no, although Soniaji was very keen.”

The Congress I could’ve acquired itself another pretty and ariculate Priyanka. Sadly it didn’t happen.

For now Priyanka Gandhi would have to be content being the prettiest and most glamorous member of the Congress party.

While the actress, finally on a much-needed sabbatical after the exhausting schedule of What’s Your Raashee remains tightlipped about her congress with politics, a close friend says, “Priyanka doesn’t rule out politics in the future. But this time she is neither contesting nor campaigning for any candidate. Besides her schedules taking over Govinda’s constituency seemed a rather daunting task to Priyanka.”
-Sampurn Media