Premium automakers using new technologies to reach customers

Premium automakers using new technologies to reach customersLeading luxury carmakers Mercedes-Benz as well as its larger rivals, BMW and Audi are increasing using advanced technologies to reach out to their customers even in smaller cities in India.

Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Audi are all using iPad apps and online campaigns in order to reach customers who reside in smaller cities and towns in the country, where the companies do not have a dealership.

Mercedes-Benz has distributed an iPad application called iSales to its sales persons that allows users to customize cars and interact with the vehicles digitally before they place an order with the company. iSales app, which is only available in select countries, allows 360-degree views of the vehicle and lets customers customize colors, as well as other aspects.

Such tools allow customers to have a complete understanding of the car from its interiors to its exteriors before even physically examining the vehicle. The initiatives are designed to reach tech-savy and digitally connected potential customers. The tool also comes with a finance option and lets a sales person book the vehicle within minutes.

Debashish Mitra, director, sales and marketing, at Mercedes Benz India said, "Earlier, customers believed in going to showrooms, scrutinising brochures and test-driving the car of his choice. Customers are more networked, tech-savvy, digitally engaged, and with preferences changing, we want to reach the customer faster."