Premier British bike brand Whyte Bikes unveils high-tech E-Lyte E-MTB

Premier British bike brand Whyte Bikes unveils high-tech E-Lyte E-MTB

Whyte Bikes, a British bicycle brand known for impressive innovations in the world of mountain biking, is increasingly making its presence felt in field of electric mountain (E-MTB) bikes. Most recently, the company unveiled its latest masterpiece – the E-Lyte E-MTB, setting a new benchmark in trailblazing prowess.

In the realm of E-MTB, Whyte Bikes’ focus has shifted towards achieving the perfect blend of lightweight construction and an authentic pedal experience. The E-Lyte, according to the brand’s claims, is a meticulously crafted personal mobility solution featuring a full carbon fiber frame, embodying the brand’s commitment to optimal performance and agility.

Ian Alexander, Chief Engineer at Whyte Bikes, demonstrated its meticulous approach through in the impressive design process new e-bike. Utilizing a bespoke jig, the engineering team headed by Alexander painstakingly fine-tuned the two-wheeler's weight distribution to ensure a harmonious equilibrium elevating the riding experience to matchless heights.

The E-Lyte comes in various configurations to cater to diverse preferences of riders. The E-Lyte 140 comes equipped with a 55-Newton-meter (Nm) electric motor and 650 watt-hour (Wh) battery pack. When it comes to mass, it boasts feather-light weight 16.4 kilograms. It gracefully navigates trails with its efficient 140 millimeters (mm) of front suspension travel, supported by a Fox 34 fork that promises a smooth and responsive ride.

For those who want enhanced suspension capabilities, the E-Lyte 150 and the E-Lyte Works editions present compelling options. In spite of a slight hike in weight at 18.9 and 19.2 kilograms, respectively, these editions boast 150-mm and 142-mm of front and rear travel, courtesy of a Fox 35/36 fork. These specs deliver superlative performance even on challenging terrains.

Describing the Works edition, Whyte states, “The E-Lyte 140 Works is our lightest ever electric mountain bike (E-MTB): at 16.4kg complete (size M) with 55Nm of torque, together with 600W of peak power, it perfectly blends lightweight cross country (XC)/trail bike performance with the capability of full-fat E-MTBs to deliver an unparalleled and uncompromised ride.”

The e-bike’s innovative Link V2 technology allows riders to adapt the bike's geometry smoothly. Whether conquering downhill trails with a more aggressive stance or optimizing comfort for extended rides, this feature offers unparalleled flexibility as well as customization.

To unleash trailblazing adventures with unparalleled performance, prospective buyers of the high-tech E-Lyte E-MTB will have to fork out between £7,999 and £10,999.

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