Postcards make a comeback as personal touch missing in ‘txt msgng’

text messangerLondon, July 17 : The humble postcard is making a comeback after it was almost shown the door by the ‘texting generation’, suggests a new UK report.

In an age when we are able to idly text "Wsh u wr hr!" to friends and family from far-flung beaches, the UK’s holidaymakers are staying faithful to the humble postcard.

The driving forces behind the rise are the holidaymakers who are returning to sending traditional messages.

According to the Royal Mail, 135 million post cards were delivered last year, an increase of 30 million compared to 2003.

Brian Lund, editor of Picture Postcard Monthly, a magazine for collectors, said that he was thrilled and hoped to see a return to the glory days of the picture postcard in post-war Britain.

"We''ve noticed a stark increase in the number of postcards being sent over the last few years. Emails and texts have been found out. You can''t hang a text message on your wall, can you? People have realised once again that a postcard is a lovely thing. If you write one, it shows you care in a way that a text message never can,” the Telegraph quoted him as saying.

Museums and other attractions have started to sell postcards in far greater numbers, according to a spokesman at the Royal Mail, explaining why so many more cards were being sent.

"Also, many pubs and clubs have started to stock free post cards – promoting a new product or film. You can find a post card to send almost anywhere,” he added.

The increasing number of foreign holidays and short breaks has also helped to spark the renaissance of the humble six- by four-inch card. (ANI)

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