Polish minister wants ban on Lenin, Guevara t-shirts

Polish minister wants ban on Lenin, Guevara t-shirts Warsaw - Poland's equality minister wants to expand a ban on fascist or totalitarian propaganda to include books, clothing and other items, Polish Radio reported on Thursday.

Minister Elzbieta Radziszewska wants to widen a law that prohibits producing fascist or totalitarian propaganda. The legislation would prohibit images of Che Guevara, popular across the world on t-shirts, posters and murals.

"I support such a solution," Professor Wojciech Roszkowski told the daily Rzeczpospolita. "Communism was a terrible, murderous system, responsible for a million victims. It's very similar to National Socialism. There's no reason to treat the systems - and their symbols - any differently."

But there's a risk courts could punish people for t-shirts bearing images of the Latin American revolutionary Che Guevara or Lenin, lawyer Slawomir Steinborn told TVP. info.

Minister Rzdziszewska said the law "would support organizations that fight racism," and help crack down on sales of Nazi memorabilia. (dpa)

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