PM attacks Left for not cooperating in nuke deal

PM attacks Left for not cooperating in nuke dealKochi, Apr 11 : Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Saturday condemned the Left for not cooperating with the Central Government during negotiations for the crucial nuclear deal with the US.

Addressing his first election rally here after recovering from a heart bypass surgery, Dr. Singh said, "When our government started the nuclear deal negotiations with the US to end India''s nuclear isolation and to provide the much-needed energy for development, the Left opposed and walked out of our government. Time will prove the wisdom of our decision."

Singh said the Left has always been on the wrong side of history by not cooperating in the Quit India Movement, Green and IT revolutions.

"The Left that rules the state has unfortunately often been on the wrong side of history. When Mahatma Gandhi started Quit India Movement, the Left did not participate in it. When India became Independent, they said this independence is not for real," said Singh.

He further accused the Left for its uncooperative attitude in 1960''s when then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi brought in the Green Revolution. Dr. Singh said that the Left had displayed a dismissive behavior by saying that it was only for the benefit of foreign seed companies.

Dr. Singh said that the Left had similarly opposed former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi when he started a communication revolution in the country.

Asserting that there was always a continuous fight for power among the Left leaders, Dr. Singh asked the people to vote for a stable Congress in the coming elections. (ANI)