Please Donate Hair For Cancer Victims' Wigs, Appeals Hilary Swank

Hilary Swank, the American actress, requested the women to donate their hair to a charity for making wigs for cancer victims.

As the American actress has done many things for women and cancer, now she pays her attention to those women who has lost hair due to cancer.

In a new movie, she plays a role as aviator Amelia Earheart who cuts off her hair and donate them for women who lose it when they undergo chemotherapy.

Now, she is campaigning for Beautiful Lengths to encourage other women to make a contribution in donating hair for cancer victims.

Contact music quoted her as saying, “One in three women are diagnosed with cancer in their lifetimes. A lot of my family members have had their lives devastated by cancer."  She added, "You just need to have eight inches (of hair) to donate."