Pew survey: More Americans accessing Internet via wireless devices

Pew Research Center'According to Pew Research Center's 'Internet & American Life Project' report released Tuesday, as many as 56 percent adult Americans have accessed the Internet via a wireless device - like a Wi-Fi laptop, a mobile device, a game console, or an MP3 player.

Specifically speaking about different devices for going online since late 2007, nearly 39 percent of the 2,200 of the Pew survey respondents made use of a laptop; while another 32 percent used a mobile device - smart phone, cell phone, or hand held device - to access the Internet for e-mailing, instant messaging, or reading news.

The survey statistics for a 'typical' day reveal that almost 19 percent of Americans use the mobile devices to access the Internet, as against the 11 percent figures in December 2007.

In fact, from essentially a voice device, the cell phone has evolved as a commonly-used device for non-voice activities, like text messaging, accessing the Internet, instant messaging, playing a game, taking a picture, playing music, getting maps or directions, and recording and watching video.

The Pew report shows that in 2009, 69 percent Americans used the cell phone for at least one non-voice activity; compared to 58 percent in 2007.

The report's lead author, John B. Horrigan, said: "Mobile access strengthens the three pillars of online engagement: connecting with others, satisfying information queries, and sharing content with others."