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Vladimir Putin alleges George Bush orchestrated Georgia war to get John McCain elected as next Prez

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir PutinMoscow, Aug 29: Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has said that the Georgia conflict may have been orchestrated by US President George Bush in a bid to get his party’s presidential nominee John McCain win this November election.

Though Putin did not specify which candidate he was talking about, but there was no doubt that he was referring to Senator John McCain, the Republican presidential dandidate, reported the New York Times.

Putin accuses the US of plotting war in Georgia

Vladimir PutinMoscow  - Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin on Thursday accused the United States of plotting this month's war in Georgia.

Putin told CNN the fighting was triggered by politicians in Washington in an attempt to give an advantage one of the competing US presidential candidates, Republican John McCain and Democrat Barack Obama.

The former president gave no evidence to support his statements, which he called "conjecture," but said the US action forced Russia's hand.

Putin says Russia should restore alliance with Cuba

Putin says Russia should restore alliance with CubaMoscow  - Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said Monday that Russia should restore Soviet-era alliances with Cuba, news agencies reported.

"We need to rebuild position in Cuba and other countries," Putin said during a meeting with his deputy Igor Sechin on his return from talks in Havana.

The head of Russia's federal security services Nikolai Patrushev was also part of the delegation seeking to extend trade and military cooperation.

Russian prime minister urges end to Czech oil delivery problems

Valdmir Putin Moscow - Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin called Monday for an end to the problems that have seen a drastic cut in the delivery of oil to the Czech Republic.

The Czech government has criticized a sudden reduction in the flow at the beginning of the month. Prague officials have raised the possibility of a link to the signing of a deal with the United States on a missile defence system.

"I call on you to ensure that disruptions do not occur," Putin told Russian oil officials and oil suppliers, according to a report by the Interfax news agency.

Magazine hails Vladimir Putin as a ‘virile vampire’

Valdmir Putin London, June 20 : A magazine completely dedicated to Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin’s virility and reputation as a “vampire” has hugely boosted the leader’s image as Russia's leading sex symbol.

The celebrity gossip magazine ‘Secrets of the Stars’ had released a special edition eulogising the ex-KGB officer, which was sold out in no time in Moscow.

The cover, carrying a picture of Putin looking unnaturally youthful accompanied by the headline "My heart is on my sleeve", alone seemed sufficiently tantalising to appeal to most patriotic Russians.

Abramovich 'vetted' Putin before he became Russia'sPresident

Valdmir Putin London, May 23 : Russian multi-billionaire Roman Abramovich is known worldwide for his wealth and his ownership of the football team Chelsea, but few would be surprised to know that he played a significant role in facilitating Vladimir Putin's selection as the President of Russia after Boris Yeltsin.

According to The Times, the late Alexander Litvinenko, the spy poisoned in Britain in a suspected Russian plot, made the astonishing suggestion that Abramovich effectively vetted Putin on behalf of Russia's powerful oligarchs to succeed Boris Yeltsin as President.

Putin submits cabinet list to president

Vladimir PutinMoscow  - Vladimir Putin in his new capacity as prime minister proposed cabinet names to his successor President Dmitry Medvedev on Monday, Russian news agencies reported.

"The necessary documents were prepared as per our negotiations ... as we discussed long ago there are some new names," news agency Interfax quoted Putin as saying in a meeting at the Kremlin.

Putin and Medvedev are expected to meet with cabinet ministers at 1430 (1030 GMT), after which the names may be announced.

Vladimir Putin to be confirmed prime minister

Vladimir PutinMoscow - Vladimir Putin was to be confirmed prime minister Thursday in a move that underscored his continued power one day after passing the Kremlin to his protege Dmitry Medvedev.

As Medvedev and Putin arrived together at the parliament on Thursday, the realignment of power over less than 24 hours, which effectively splits Russia's leadership, left doubts over who would really rule.

Medvedev recommended his long-time mentor Putin for the parliamentary vote by promising to work in "tandem" with him toward the realization of Putin's policies.

Putin successor Medvedev to visit Berlin next month

Valdmir Putin Berlin - Russia's new president, Dmitry Medvedev, is to pay his introductory visit to Berlin next month, a German government spokesman said Tuesday, adding that contacts were continuing about a precise date.

A Bonn newspaper, the General Anzeiger, was set to report Wednesday that the Germans and Medvedev, who will officially take over from President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday, were likely to settle on June 5.

Putin defends military show planned for Victory Day

Moscow  -  As Russia's military rehearsed for a military parade in Moscow's Red Square Monday, President Vladimir Putin said the planned Victory Day parade is not meant as a threat.

"This is not sabre-rattling. We are not threatening anyone and don't plan to," Putin said at his last cabinet meeting before handing over to his successor-elect Dmitry Medvedev on Wednesday.

This year's traditional World War II commemoration parade will bring back heavy military equipment not seen in the capital's streets since Soviet days, including tanks and heavy artillery and with jets flying overhead.

Some 8,000 soldiers, 200 vehicles and 30 jets were involved in the dress rehearsal on Monday morning.

Bill aims to streamline premier's duties before Putin takes over

Vladimir PutinMoscow  - Russia's State Duma has drafted a bill to redistribute more than one-sixth of government duties to lower bureaucratic organs in a move designed to free future prime minister Vladimir Putin from mundane duties.

Russian newspapers Friday read the draft as the first sign of a state reshuffle to ease Putin's transition from the president's office to the white house when his successor-elect Dmitry Medvedev takes over as president in May.

Putin pays tribute to Yeltsin as "example to us all"

Russia President Vladimir PutinMoscow  -  President Vladimir Putin honoured his predecessor Boris Yeltsin on the first anniversary of his death Wednesday as "a strong, courageous leader of Russia."

Ex-KGB agent Putin, 55, who was plucked from obscurity by Yeltsin to succeed him in 1999, remembered his former mentor as "daring and resolute."

"In this sense," Putin said Wednesday, "Yeltsin was an example to us all and such a strong, principled position from the head of state, I am sure will be a standard for the future."

Was 'KGB' interrogation behind daily's retraction of Vladimir Putin's marriage story?

Russian President Vladimir PutinLondon, Apr 19: After little-known Moscow newspaper the Moscow Korrespondent reported Russian President Vladimir Putin’s plans to divorce his wife and marry a former gymnast Alina Kabaeva, officers of the Federal Security Service, the successor to the Russian intelligence agency KGB, reportedly went twice to interrogate the paper’s editor about sources behind the story.

Yesterday, the paper had admitted that the story had “no factual basis” after Aleksandr Lebedev, the billionaire owner of the newspaper, challenged staff to back up the claims or apologize.

Russian daily that reported Putin’s marriage plans suspended

Russian President Vladimir PutinMoscow, Apr 19 : The Russian daily Moskovsky Korrespondent which a couple of days ago carried a news report claiming that Russian President Vladimir Putin had divorced his wife and was planning to marry his party MP and a former gymnast who was less than half of his age, has been suspended.

Though the official reason cited for the paper’s closure is “financial” crisis.

Alina Kabayeva (24) an Olympic gold medalist in rhythmic gymnastics has been voted in polls as one of Russia’s most beautiful women.

US accuses Russia of challenging Georgia's territorial integrity

Us & Russia FlagWashington - Russian President Vladimir Putin should repeal orders to increase ties to Georgia's separatist regions, a move the challenges the former Soviet state's territorial integrity, the State Department said Friday.

US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice telephoned her Russian counterpart, Sergei Lavrov, on Friday to raise concerns about the plans and spoke with Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili on Thursday.

"We are very concerned at the steps that have been taken and we have made our views known to the Russian government," Rice said before meeting with Estonian President Toomas Hendrik Ilves.

Putin, Abbas to lay ground for Middle East conference

Vladimir Putin and Palestinian leader Mahmoud AbbasMoscow- President  on Friday will talk over plans for a Middle East conference in Moscow that Russia hopes will further its role in world diplomacy.

Abbas said Friday that both sides conceived of the conference as the "continuation" of peace talks held in the US city of Annapolis last fall.

In an interview aired on news channel Vesti24 on Friday, he praised Russia's "historical role as a crucial party in Middle East conflict negotiations. It participated in all events connected with settlement."

Putin's talks with Berlusconi focus on Alitalia, energy, EU

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Italian prime minister Silvio BerlusconPorto Rotondo, Sardinia  - Russian President Vladimir Putin and Italian prime minister-elect Silvio Berlusconi announced Friday that Russian airline Aeroflot would renew its interest in Italy's ailing flagship carrier, Aitalia.

Speaking at a joint news conference in a Berlusconi-owned villa in northern Sardinia, they also said they had discussed joint natural gas and other bilateral energy projects as well as Russia's relations with the European Union.

Putin denies marriage plans with ex-gymnast: "I like them all"

Vladimir PutinMoscow  -  Vladimir Putin on Friday denied tabloid rumours of a divorce from his wife Lyudmila and plans to wed 24-year-old former Olympic gymnast-turned-politician Alina Kabayeva.

"You are talking about an article in our yellow press. Other such journals mention other successful, beautiful young women and girls. I think it's not shocking to say that I like them all," Putin answered journalists during a visit with Italian prime minister-elect Silvio Berlusconi in Sardinia.

Russia's Putin arrives in Sardinia as Berlusconi's guest

Valdmir PutinOlbia, Sardinia  - Russian President Vladimir Putin arrived Thursday afternoon in Sardinia where he was greeted at the airport by Italian prime minister-elect, Silvio Berlusconi, his host during an overnight stopover.

Putin, who is close friends with Berlusconi, was scheduled to stay at the Italian billionaire-turned-politician's luxury Villa Certosa on the Mediterranean island.

The Russian leader flew in from Tripoli where he held talks with Libyan President Moammer Gaddafi about the idea of building an organization of major natural gas producers.

Putin and Gaddafi discuss gas cartel

Tripoli (dpa) - Russian President Vladimir Putin, on one of his final foreign trips, will hold further talks on Thursday with Libyan President Moammer Gaddafi about the idea of building an organization of major natural gas producers.

Putin began his trip to Libya on Wednesday - one of his final foreign trip before the end of his presidential term on May 7. Later Thursday he will go to Italy.

Moscow seeks to strengthen cooperation with Tripoli in economic, scientific and oil and gas projects, Putin told Gaddafi.

Putin said he was pleased with the activities of Russian firms in oil explorations in Libya.

Russia's natural gas company Gazprom unveiled plans last week for joint gas projects in Libya with Italy's Eni.

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