Pushpa Kamal Dahal

Prachanda accuses ex-monarchists of defaming CPN-Maoist

Pushpa Kamal DahalKathmandu, Dec 25 : Nepal Prime Minister Prachanda has accused the ex-monarchists of infiltrating his party in order to defame it.

Nepalnews quoted Prachanda as saying that the latest incidents, which dragged the Maoist party into controversy, had been orchestrated by such elements.

A few days ago Prachanda had told journalists that during his meeting with Indian ambassador to Nepal Rakesh Sood, the latter had talked about his recent meeting with ex-King Gyanendra in which the former monarch had said that all his loyalists had now turned into Maoists.

Prachanda for left polarisation in Nepal

Pushpa Kamal Dahal Kathmandu, Dec 24 : Nepal Prime Minister Prachanda has said that the country''s political forces have been heading for a new phase of polarisation with leftists on one side and ''reactionary'' forces on the other.

Speaking here at a function on Tuesday organized to welcome CPN-UML defector Kunta Sharma to Maoist party, Prachnada said, "A new ground of polarization has surfaced. All genuine communist forces should come together as reactionary and regressive forces have joined hands."

He argued that the entry of UML leader into his party was a sign of left polarization.

Prachanda blames ''party infiltrators'' behind Himalmedia assault

Kathmandu, Dec 23 : Nepal Prime Minister Prachanda has denied any direct involvement of Maoist party in the assault on Himalmedia and claimed that some immoral agents who have "infiltrated" into the Maoist party and ranks were involved it.

During a meeting with leaders of the civil society here on Monday, Prachanda expressed sadness over the incident and urged everyone to fight against these infiltrators with determination.

He also expressed commitment that the government will probe the incident and take action against those involved in the attack.

Maoist govt cannot be pulled down, says Prachanda

Maoist govt cannot be pulled down, says PrachandaKathmandu, Dec 19 : Nepal Prime Minister Prachanda has said that the current government cannot be pulled down by anyone.

Talking to mediapersons here on Thursday, Prachnada said, "There is no question of pulling this government down and forming another."

"If this government is pulled down, there will be huge implications on the country," he added.

He said that given the complicated nature of transition, the politics in the country was becoming multidimensional.

Prachanda''s remark riles Constituent Assembly members

Kathmandu, Dec 15: Nepal Prime Minister Prachanda''s recent remarks on violence and threat to quit the government drew flak in the Parliament on Sunday.

Speaking at the special hour, Bhim Rawal, a Constituent Assembly (CA) member from the CPN-UML, claimed that the Prime Minister''s outbursts had the potential to derail the peace process and turn the country into a failed state.

Rawal urged Prachanda to enlighten the Constituent Assembly as to who was not cooperating with the Maoist-led government.

Prachanda says Nepali Congress reluctant to promote politics of consensus

Pushpa Kamal Dahal Kathmandu, Dec 8 : Nepal Prime Minister Prachanda has accused the Nepali Congress (NC) of trying to flout the politics of consensus and cooperation.

Speaking at a programme here, Prachanda said he believes that the sole reason behind the Nepali Congress not participating in the government was its reluctance to promote politics of consensus.

He warned that the nation would have to bear serious consequences if the standoff between the main political parties on the issue of the constitution of the Army Integration Special Committee continues.