Micheline Calmy-Rey

Swiss upset Israelis by meeting with Hamas

Swiss upset Israelis by meeting with HamasGeneva - In the latest row between the two states, Israel's ambassador to Switzerland met Thursday with foreign ministry officials in Bern, expressing surprise and upset over a round of talks the Swiss held with representatives of the Hamas movement.

According to Israeli and Swiss officials, the ambassador said Hamas was a terrorist group that should be shunned, while the foreign ministry insisted on maintaining a dialogue with all key players in the Middle East.

Clinton meets Swiss foreign minister, discuss banking

Swiss Foreign Minister Micheline Calmy-Rey Geneva  - US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton met with the Swiss Foreign Minister Micheline Calmy-Rey in Geneva and discussed the ongoing tax fraud investigation into UBS and the Russia-Georgia conflict.

Calmy-Rey told reporters after the meeting that she said to Clinton that the US should not put more pressure on Switzerland regarding UBS, but that the Swiss would work more closely with Washington to find avenues to share information.

Swiss scolds German finance minister in tax spat

Hamburg - Swiss Foreign Minister Micheline Calmy-Rey scolded a German leader in an interview published Saturday and denied Switzerland was a tax haven.

In remarks to Der Spiegel, the German weekly, she said Switzerland was "astonished" at the tone of remarks Tuesday by German Finance Minister Peer Steinbrueck, who grumbled Berne was not tipping Germany off about tax evaders.

She warned him not to try to place Switzerland on an Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) black-list of nations that assist foreigners to evade taxes.

This would be a breach of a German-Swiss taxation treaty, she charged. "It would not be the approach one expects from a state bound by the rule of law," added Calmy-Rey.

Swiss President begins India visit, pays homage at Rajghat

Swiss President Micheline Calmy-ReyNew Delhi, Nov.7 : Visiting Swiss President Micheline Calmy-Rey was given a ceremonial welcome in the forecourt of Rashtrapati Bhavan this morning at the start of a four day state visit to India which is aimed at strengthening bilateral cooperation in areas like energy, climate change, science and technology, besides  trade and investment.

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