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George Bush and Laura shift to new Dallas home

George Bush and Laura shift to new Dallas homeDallas, Feb 21 : A month after leaving the White House, former President George W Bush and his wife Laura, shifted to their new home in a wealthy Dallas neighbourhood.

Bush''s motorcade drove past a security barricade on Friday evening, bringing the former first couple to their new residence.

Apparently, the barricade was set up by Dallas Police and Secret Service agents to limit access to the neighbourhood.

Laura Bush’s memoirs to hit shelves in 2010

Laura-BushWashington, Jan 6 : US First Lady Laura Bush has inked a deal with Scribner to write her memoirs for publication in the spring of 2010.

The memoir will include her experiences in White House and Texas governor's mansion along with some `very personal' details like having a strong-willed mother-in-law, dealing with loss and raising children.

"I am very pleased to be associated with Scribner, the distinguished publishing house of many of my favorite books," Politico. com quoted Bush as saying.

Laura Bush ''may not tell-it-all'' in memoir

Laura BushNew York, December 29 : Laura Bush may not be too keen to spill all the beans in her memoir, according to sources.

The First Lady of the United States had previously confirmed that she was planning to pen a memoir and had met publishers in that regard.

The wife of the forty-third and current US President, George W. Bush, had reportedly pitched her upcoming special about the White House to eight of them.

"The interest is tepid. She''s not willing to reveal as much as they expect her to," the New York Daily News quoted an insider as saying.

Shoe ''assault'' on Bush shows freedom in Iraq, says First Lady

Shoe ''assault'' on Bush shows freedom in Iraq, says First LadyWashington, Dec 29 : First Lady Laura Bush has said that she was offended by the recent `assault' on her husband, who had two shoes thrown at him during a recent visit to Iraq, but also believes that the assault shows that Iraqis feel a lot freer than they did before.

Laura Bush said she thinks the reporter who threw his shoes at her husband while he was in Iraq assaulted her husband, but felt that the act signified freedom that Iraqis never had under Saddam Hussein.

Laura Bush says George is really, really great with young people

Laura BushWashington, Dec 22 : US First Lady Laura Bush has said that President George W. Bush is really, really great with young people.

In a rather `unplugged' telephonic interview, Laura talked of all the tragedies that struck the nation in Bush's tenure as President, and revealed how the couple used to comfort families of the victims of 9/11 or the war.

She also revealed her husband''s private efforts to comfort families who lost loved ones in the wars and to encourage wounded soldiers in their recovery.