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Kristen Stewart says teen girl fans can be ''scary''

Kristen Stewart says teen girl fans can be ''scary''Washington, Apr 2 : Twilight star Kristen Stewart has revealed that she's afraid of Robert Pattinson's female fans.

The 18-year-old star said that she's terrified of the wrath of female fans jealous of their onscreen romance.

"You show up at these places, and there's literally like a thousand girls and they're all screaming your name. Girls are scary. Large groups of girls scare the (crap) out of me," Contactmusic quoted her as telling USA today.

Kristen Stewart signed up for 3 Twilight sequels

Kristen StewartWashington, Mar 07 : Hollywood actress Kristen Stewart has revealed that she has signed up for 3 ‘Twilight’ sequels.

Stewart has dismissed claims that she was tired of acting in ‘Twilight’, and instead insisted that she was looking forward to its three sequels.

"We all really hope there is going to be a number four. I''m pretty confident that the fans aren’t going to, all of a sudden, lose interest,” Contactmusic quoted her as telling E! online.

Kristen Stewart has had too much of Rob Pattinson romance scrutiny

Kristen StewartWashington, Feb 24 : Kristen Stewart has said that she's had enough of media scrutiny over her relationship with her `Twilight `co-star Rob Pattinson, insisting that they are not dating and have no plans to do so in the future as well.

The 18-year-old star is puzzled by rumours linking her to the British star, because she's happily dating actor Michael Angarano since the last three years.

Talking to Nylon magazine, the `Panic Room' star has claimed that she and Pattinson are just good friends.