Jenny McCarthy

Jenny McCarthy says her bikini shot was airbrushed

Washington, April 15 : Model Jenny McCarthy has admitted that the stunning bikini shot for the cover of Shape magazine was digitally touched up.

The actress confessed the picture had been airbrushed to take away her freckles and stretch marks.

"It''s eating healthy and also a c**p load of airbrushing... I keep myself in very good shape... but it is definitely a little touched up," Contactmusic quoted her as saying in Ellen show in the US.

"I have freckles... and stretchmarks that you do not see here, and they add a little shadowing to make these muscle things happen that don''t exist on my body," she added.

Jim Carrey’s girlfriend worries about joining him on weight-gaining spree

Jim Carrey’s girlfriend worries about joining him on weight-gaining spreeWashington, Apr 2: Jim Carrey’s girlfriend Jenny McCarthy is fearing that she might accompany her beau on his doughnut eating spree, while he works towards gaining weight for his new chubby role in ‘Three Stooges’.

Carrey will be playing the role of Curly, and his actress-cum-model girlfriend has confirmed that the comic is preparing to get “in shape” to play the larger-than-life Stooge.

And the ‘Mask’ star has warned his toned girlfriend to be prepared to date a bigger Jim.

Jenny McCarthy is addicted to Botox treatment

Washington, Mar 23 : Hollywood actress Jenny McCarthy revealed that she is addicted to botox treatment.

Jenny, who is dating Jim Carrey, has always been open about the cosmetic treatments she undergoes to maintain her looks.

"People were surprised I was so open about (it) but when people see everyone in Hollywood, they look up to them and I think everyone should be honest about what they''re doing," Contactmusic quoted her as saying.

However, Jenny agreed that the botox treatment should be taken in moderation.

Jenny McCarthy loves Botox

 Jenny McCarthy loves BotoxWashington, Mar 12 : American

Jim Carrey, Jenny McCarthy ‘have naked days to spice things up’

Jim Carrey, Jenny McCarthy ‘have naked days to spice things up’New Delhi, February 9 : Jim Carrey and his girlfriend Jenny McCarthy have naked days to spice up their relationship, according to a source.

The comedian couple, who have been seeing each other for nearly three years, allegedly spent 25,000 dollars to rent a beachfront villa in Hawaii - entirely naked.

Jim and Jenny reportedly loved peeling off the layers, while being together to make things more exciting, reports the China Daily.

Jenny McCarthy leaves Playboy to ‘do something good for women’

Jenny McCarthy leaves Playboy to ‘do something good for women’Washington, Jan 17 : After years of modelling for Playboy, actress Jenny McCarthy has bid adieu to her career with the magazine to focus on "doing something good for women."

The blonde beauty began her career as a model for the publication and then went on to act in television and films.

And now, the 36-year-old model has admitted that she''s found more pleasure in helping other women ever since she became a mum and autism activist.