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Hillary Clinton would testify before Panel investigating Attacks in Benghazi

Hillary Clinton would testify before Panel investigating Attacks in Benghazi

A special Congressional panel is carrying out an investigation into the terror attacks on the US consulate in Benghazi, Libya. Four Americans were killed in the incident that took place in 2012.

Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s lawyer said Hilary would testify before the panel. Clinton's lawyer David Kendall stated in a letter to lawmakers that Clinton would testify for one time in the week of May 18 or later.

“The secretary is fully prepared to stay for the duration of the committee's questions on the day she appears”, said Kendall.

Clinton Foundation admits about making mistakes in reporting donations from foreign governments

Clinton Foundation admits about making mistakes in reporting donations from fore

On Sunday the Clinton Foundation acknowledged that it made mistakes in IRS filings. The foundation's chief executive Maura Pally said that the group is working to remedy mistakes it made in how it disclosed donors and government funding.

On the foundation website Pally wrote, “We made mistakes, as many organizations of our size do, but we are acting quickly to remedy them, foundation executive. And we have taken steps to ensure they don't happen in the future.”

Pally said that its policies on transparency and contributions from foreign governments are stronger than ever. The Foundation is expected to re-file some of its tax forms, after it had mistakenly combined government grants with other donations.

Hillary Clinton will try to recapture old New Hampshire magic

Hillary Clinton will try to recapture old New Hampshire magic

Hillary Rodham Clinton has already announced her candidacy for the Democratic nomination for the presidency in the 2016 election. Now, the former United States Secretary of State will try to recapture the magic of 'come from behind' win in the 2008 New Hampshire primary as Hillary comes back to the state that gave her first presidential campaign.

Clinton arrived in the state as the leading candidate for the Democratic Party nomination. Now, Hillary has been facing little opposition. Hillary's campaign has been designed in a manner to show that she is not taking her position for granted. Like last week in Iowa, Hillary has planned to skip the huge packed rallies that had marked her last campaign. She is now focused on smaller events with some selected group of supporters.

Hillary Clinton on her way to Iowa after announcing her candidacy for 2016 elections

Hillary Clinton on her way to Iowa after announcing her candidacy for 2016

Hillary Clinton is kicking off her bid for the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination.

She has begun a tour of key states in her campaign following her announcement that she intends to make a second attempt at becoming the country's first female commander-in-chief.

Clinton is returning to the Iowa, the state that plagued her nearly eight years ago. In 2008, Iowa conclave paved the way for her ultimate defeat by Barack Obama.

Now, she wants to make her case to Democrats again and prove that she is the candidate who can represent the voters of Iowa in the best possible manner.

Clinton is traveling from New York to her first campaign stop on Tuesday in Iowa. On Sunday evening, she was spotted chatting with people at a gas station in Pennsylvania.

Hillary Clinton may find it difficult to be herself during Presidential Campaign, say Experts

Hillary Clinton may find it difficult to be herself during Presidential Campaign

Presidential campaign of Hillary Rodham Clinton could be launched soon and before the launch of campaign, President Barack Obama has some simple advice for her. He said Hillary should be herself, and if she does so, she is going to do great.

The new advice by the President sounds easy enough, but a number of politicians have found it tricky to just be themselves when it comes about presidential campaign. The former United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had spent a good share of her 2008 primary campaign in trying to discover the correct formula for revealing her true self. For about one and half decade, Democrat Al Gore tried to connect with voters in a natural way.

Hillary Clinton condemns Obama's foreign policy

Hillary-ClintonWashiongton, Aug 11 : Former United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton condemned President Obama's foreign policy doctrine as crises remain unresolved from Ukraine to the Gaza strip.

According to the Politico, Clinton criticized Obama's decision to support Syrian rebels, calling it a 'failure'.

She also said that the foreign policy was too slow and extremely passive.

Clinton's comments came following the president's authorization of airstrikes in Northern Iraq last week.

According to sources, Clinton's interview was planned to promote her memoir and was not part of any political strategy.

Hillary Clinton says 'tough, arrogant' Putin also capable of 'charm'

Hillary-ClintonWashington, July 26 : Hillary Clinton in a recent interview referred to Russian President Vladimir Putin as "tough" and "arrogant" and said that he was also capable of exuding charm.

According to Politico, she made the comments in an interview with CNN journalist Fareed Zakaria, set to air on his eponymous show at 10 a. m. Sunday.

Clinton said of Putin that he had a lot of personas that he pulled out.

Newt Gingrich calls Hillary Clinton 'Kim K of politics'

Newt-GingrichWashington, June 26 : Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich has compared Hillary Clinton to Kim Kardashian on CNN's Crossfire.

While commenting on how Bill Clinton came out defending his wife's comment that they were "dead broke" when they left the White House, he compared the former Secretary of State to the reality star when she was "kicked off the stage by Prince because she couldn't dance", Us magazine reported.

He added that the 71-year-old former First Lady, who plans to contest for the post of President in 2016, "doesn't dance well" as a presidential candidate. (ANI)

Hillary Clinton credits mum with being 'biggest influence' in life

Hillary ClintonWashington, May 12 : Hillary Clinton has revealed in her upcoming book that her mother had the biggest influence on her life and helped her shape into the person she became.

The former United States Secretary of State's book ' Hard Choices' explores how her mom, Dorothy Howell Rodham , overcame a childhood "marked by trauma and abandonment" while maintaining a strong desire to do good in the world, Politico reported.

Hillary Clinton names new book 'Hard Choices'

Hillary-ClintonWashington, Apr 20 : Hillary Clinton has titled her new book as 'Hard Choices', as announced by her publisher recently.

According to the book's website, the former US Secretary of State wrote that everyone has faced hard choices in their lives.

She added that life was all about making those choices and how they handled them that shape the people they become, Politico reported.

The book will apparently focus on Clinton's four years heading the State Department and is set to be released on June 10, 2014. (ANI)

Sarah Palin voter's second choice to Hillary Clinton, says poll

Sarah-PalinWashington, April 1 : Former Alaska governor Sarah Palin is reportedly the second choice of Americans after Hillary Clinton when it comes to seeing their favorite female candidate running for the high office, a new poll has found.

The poll, conducted by the Economist/YouGov, asked participants as to which female candidate, other than Hillary Clinton, would they like to see run for the high office.

While Palin won 9 percent of the vote, she was followed by Sen. Elizabeth Warren and former Secretary of State and National Security Adviser Condoleeza Rice, at 8 percent each, the Washington Times reported.

US embassy attack in Benghazi Hillary's 'biggest regret' as Secretary of State

Hillary-ClintonWashington, Jan 28 : Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has called the deadly attack on the United States mission in Benghazi, Libya, in 2012 as the 'biggest regret' of her tenure.

Clinton made the remarks at the National Auto Dealers Association convention in New Orleans, saying it was a terrible tragedy losing four Americans in the attack.

According to the New York Times, Clinton said some choices were made based on imperfect information, adding that but that doesn't mean there's not going to be unforeseen consequences, unpredictable twists and turns.

Obama aides considered dumping Biden for Hillary Clinton: Report

Barack ObamaWashington, Nov 1 : US President Barack Obama's top aides secretly considered replacing Vice President Joe Biden with Hillary Clinton on the 2012 ticket when Obama's re-election outlook appeared uncertain, according to the New York Times.

The bombshell revelation is provided by journalists Mark Halperin and John Heilemann, in their new book, "Double Down," giving an account of the 2012 US presidential race, the influential US daily reported.

Hillary Clinton supports Saudi women defying driving ban

Hillary-ClintonWashington, Oct 12 : Former United States Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton has supported Saudi Arabian women, who defied their kingdom's ban on female driving this week.

Hillary said this is a symbolic issue which is hard to even rationalize in today's world, Fox News reports.

Saudi Arabian women activists had last month called for a driving campaign to defy the longstanding ban on women driving in the kingdom.

St Andrews confers Hillary Clinton with honorary degree

St Andrews confers Hillary Clinton with honorary degreeHillary Clinton, former U. S. Secretary of State, has been awarded an honorary degree from St Andrews University during a ceremony to mark the 600th anniversary of the Scotland’s oldest university’s founding.

St Andrews University conferred Mrs. Clinton with a doctor of laws degree for her achievements in the fields of politics and diplomacy.

The university said that the award would also mark Mrs. Clinton’s work to promote education, democracy, human rights, women rights, civil society around the globe.

Sarah Jessica Parker fan of Hillary Clinton

Sarah Jessica Parker fan of Hillary ClintonLos Angeles, March 10:"The Sex and the City" actress Sarah Jessica Parker says she is a fan of former US secretary of state because she is cultured and very curious.

"I'm a huge fan of Hillary Clinton. Her curiosity is so compelling to me, her desire to listen and learn and travel," showbizspy. com quoted Jessica Parker as saying.

The 47-year-old also wants Hillary, 65, to run for President elections.

Hillary and Bill Clinton enjoy romantic dinner and stroll in Union Square

Bill-Hillary-ClintonNew York, Mar 5 : Hillary and Bill Clinton were spotted enjoying a meal at the NoMad restaurant in the Flatiron District in New York on Sunday.

A source said that the former First Couple were also spotted later in the day "looking sweet and holding hands while walking through Union Square."

The source told the New York Post that other people barely noticed them.

The insider added that they just looked like a regular couple, enjoying a relaxing stroll and taking things in.

Hillary would beat ‘favourite’ Christie on home turf in hypothetical 2016 presidential poll

Hillary-ClintonWashington, Feb 21 : New Jersey voters would pick Governor Chris Christie over New York Governor Andrew Cuomo for president in 2016, but they would narrowly prefer former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to their own governor, a new poll has found.

The Quinnipiac University Poll found that New Jersey's Republican governor would beat the New York Democratic governor, 54 percent to 36 percent, if both ran for president.

But in a hypothetical head-to-head matchup between Christie and Clinton, 49 percent of N. J. voters chose Clinton over the 45 percent who picked the state's GOP governor, the New York Daily News reports.

Hillary Clinton tops Obama as ‘most popular politician’ in US

Hillary Clinton tops Obama as ‘most popular politician’ in US Johannesburg, Feb 9 : Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has been voted as the most popular political figure in the United States, much ahead of President Barack Obama, who has slipped from his former popularity, according to a recent poll.

According to a survey by Quinnipiac University, Clinton has 61 percent popularity among US voters, as compared to Obama, who had a positive-negative favourability of 46-51 percent, News24 reports.

Clinton says ‘world now safer place’ as she bids State Department staff ‘goodbye’

Clinton says ‘world now safer place’ as she bids State Department staff ‘goodbye’ London, Feb 2 : Hillary Clinton has said goodbye to her colleagues in her farewell address to state department staff on her last day as the US' top diplomat.

In her address, Clinton acknowledged the attack on the US embassy in Turkey.

She pointed out that `we live in very complex and dangerous times, as we saw again just at our embassy in Ankara, where we were attacked."

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