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GBP gains after possibility of No-deal Brexit declines

GBP gains after possibility of No-deal Brexit declines

After the Boris Johnson government faced multiple defeats in the Parliament, the possibility of no-deal Brexit has declined.

London Mayor Boris Johnson tops ‘Best Celebrity Hair in Britain’ poll

Boris JohnsonLondon, Dec 11 : London Mayor Boris Johnson has the best ‘celebrity hair’ in Britain, says a new poll.

The 44-year-old politician was voted as having the ‘best celebrity hair’ by 1,300 people in a poll to mark Brylcreem National Men''''s Hair Week.

"I''''m baffled but delighted by this award. Thank you very much to everyone who voted for me,” the Telegraph quoted him saying.

"I''''m afraid that other people probably pay more attention to my barnet than I do and over the years I''''ve had various suggestions for what to do with it including a Mohawk.

London mayor backs down on police racism probe

London, Oct. 7 : London mayor backs down on police racism probeThe Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, has been forced to revise his inquiry into racism in the Metropolitan Police after a frosty reception from the force''s governing body.

Johnson had proposed the inquiry after a black police officers group criticized the "hostile and racist environment" at Scotland Yard and called on ethnic minority recruits to boycott the Met.

London Mayor to launch inquiry into racism at the Met

Boris JohnsonLondon, Oct. 6 : The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, is reportedly considering launching an inquiry into claims of racism at the Metropolitan Police.

The proposed inquiry follows allegations by ethnic minority officers that Scotland Yard is plagued by discrimination, the Guardian has learned.

Members of the Metropolitan Black Police Association are so angry that they have said that they will begin a recruitment boycott of their force today, urging ethnic minority applicants not to join it because it is racist. They are considering advertising in newspapers as part of their campaign.