People’s disappointment over inflation, farmers’ suicide will help BJP: Advani

People’s disappointment over inflation, farmers’ suicide will help BJP: AdvaniNew Delhi, Apr 23: Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) prime ministerial candidate Lal Krishna Advani has said that the disappointment among the people over inflation and farmers’ suicide would help his party to come back in power. He was speaking to reporters on board aircraft during his journey to Madhya Pradesh.

“In the last five years, all that we have seen is the Left parties and the Congress quarrelling over each other. All that we have seen is uncontrolled inflation and price of essential commodities gone haywire. All that we have seen is tens of thousands of farmers’ suicide. So, instead of the optimism and buoyancy earlier, it is frustration and despondence today. Hundred days programme should be such that it recreates that buoyancy and conveys a firm message to the people that now we have a government which is determined to set right things and which is determined to deliver,” Advani told reporters.

Advani further said the BJP is in an expanding mode despite loosing a key ally in Orissa.

“I see a clear possibility of several parties taking the decision after the elections. The National Democratic Alliance (NDA) is the only alliance, which would announce its allies after elections. We have new alliance partners in Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Assam and Darjeeling, so the BJP is a party which has been expanding,” Advani said.

Advani also dispelled reports that some of its other allies are deserting it.

“I have been in touch with everyone of my present allies and I see not an iota of truth in these reports,” he added.

The BJP leader said the complexity of the current political scenario makes it difficult to predict the outcome of the polls.

“On the basis of experience, I think those who have been following opinion polls and bookies, are not very accurate forecasts of what really going to happen. Sometimes they may be correct, more often they are wrong and therefore I do not take much cognizance of all these. In fact the problem for my party has arisen when the general atmosphere makes every worker believe that we are going to win. In fact, I have often said that the overconfidence in our camp was the reason why we lost in 2004,” Advani added. (ANI)

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