Palm’s new software would reinstate iTunes connectivity

Palm, AppleApple's iTunes will again be available on Palm's Pre smart phone.

Palm Inc. has released a webOS software update, which would reinstate Pre's compatibility with Apple Inc's media software. The new 1.1 version of webOS would allow Pre to synch with Apple's iTunes.

At the time of release, Pre was supposedly pretended as iPod in iTunes. Then Apple used its 8.2.1 version to block Pre's that capacity.

The webOS update has brought further developments such as the Exchange ActiveSync implementation would support several policies counting inactivity timeout, password requirement etc.

In addition, the new software helps the user to retain the format of the original message when he or she responds to e-mails in HTML formats using an exchange account. The new firmware will allow Pre customers to watch live National Football League matches.

The new 1.1 version of webOS, which would be made available to the Pre users, inserts enhancements to the user interface as well as improvements to Pre's date book.

On the other hand, Apple is trying its best to make its products as incompatible with contestants' as possible.